We have a trailer for the first bit of 2024 Star Wars content. The trailer for the third, and final, season of The Bad Batch. First, watch the trailer, and then I will quickly touch on what has some folks in a tizzy (beware, there will be spoilers).

Cool, right??

So what has people in a tizzy? It’s the folks who have read the book Dark Disciple by Christie Golden. If you haven’t read that book and you are concerned with spoilers, then please leave now.

This book takes place before Revenge of the Sith. It explores what has become of Asajj Ventress after she is no longer a Sith apprentice. At the end of the book, she dies. Therefore she shouldn’t be alive during the events of The Bad Batch series. I understand why everyone is concerned that they might be removing Dark Disciple from canon. The concern is valid because I am also a big fan of that book.

However, one of the executive producers, Brad Rau, had this to say:

I know some folks find it hard to trust the decisions Disney and Lucasfilm are making, and that is their choice. I choose to remain optimistic and open-minded. If George trusts Dave Filoni then so can I. I trust that an appropriate explanation will be provided that fits in with mythos. Remember, the nightsisters are known for their resurrection abilities and Ventress is a nightsister.

The final season begins February 21st with a 3-episode premiere on Disney+.