Jul 262013
Learning Opportunities

If you didn’t know, I work for a consulting firm as a software developer. I’ve never consulted prior to starting at Cardinal and I have to say that I do really enjoy it. It is kind of weird when you switch clients because it feels like you are always starting a new job but you get use to it after five years. Granted I have only had three clients, all of which were always extending my contract until I was no longer needed. I have to say, when you are at a client for a year+, its almost like leaving a full time job. I [… Click to Continue …]

Mar 222013
Soapbox: Forking & Dongles

The tech industry is full of phallic terminology. Every day I make a double entendre about something in the computer and/or programming industry. Granted I’m cognizant of my audience and anyone that might be able to hear what I’m saying. In the case of Adria Richards vs A-Predominately-Male-Industry, while I don’t dismiss her right to be offended, the way she handled it wasn’t prudent either; especially when the comments weren’t even directed toward her. Be that as it may, the tech industry is dominated by males; and, as a male myself, most of us are neanderthals! I’m not saying that women are not welcome in the tech industry, [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 222013
Are Certifications Still Worth It?

I have been working, post-college, as a programmer for going on 9 years now. I have been working for the same company as a programmer over 5 years. I have not earned a single Microsoft certification. Every year I try to set a goal to complete a certification and every year I never do it. I do not feel that not having a certification has had a negative affect on my career or my job. In fact I’m beginning to wonder if continuing to try to get certified is moot. There has to come a point where years of experience provide a better measure then [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 242012
App Development Dry Spell

When I was working my way, diligently, through a book that explained app development I was really enjoying it. Now that I have finished that book, long ago, I am constantly finding myself in a dry spell. Now that I know how to develop iOS apps, I don’t know what I want to develop. Apple keeps releasing iOS updates and new devices with new dimensions. I feel like I keep falling farther and farther behind with each new iteration of the iPhone/iPad/iPod. It’s rather ironic, really. In a post I made a while back to other aspiring iOS developers I strongly suggested that while you [… Click to Continue …]

Jun 202012
Developing for iOS

So I have completed reading a book, cover-to-cover, on iOS development (as an aside, I highly recommend Head First iPhone & iPad Development) and now I am faced with the next big challenge: ideas. I have hit a dry spell in my efforts to develop apps and that is figuring out what I want to develop. I’ve thought about just developing random apps that don’t have a lot of functionality just to spark some ideas. Generally if I start on a small project I usually think of more features along the way. My advice for anyone that is also just starting to develop iOS apps [… Click to Continue …]

Jun 062012
Snippets: [jQuery] Highlight Rows with Checkbox

It has been a while since I have posted a new jQuery snippet, mostly because I only get to play with jQuery once in a while (though I wish I could use it more). Recently I had to create an administration page for deleting multiple rows of data. I presented the data in a gridview using checkboxes as the control for selecting which items will be deleted. I wanted to make it clear which items were going to be deleted so, using jQuery, I wrote the following snippet to accomplish what I wanted. Obviously you will need to define a CSS class called “highlight”. I [… Click to Continue …]