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WoW: Dragonflight State of the Fated Raid

Legendary axe

It’s been a while since the last gaming update. Dragonflight is entering the “fated raid” period of the expansion, the final phase of an expansion in the World of Warcraft. I’ll probably still write my “final thoughts” before the launch of The War Within, but this post may contain some of my thoughts and grievances.

The concept of “fated raids” began last expansion with Shadowlands. I think the term “fated” is used because it’s a character’s fate to die and go to the Shadowlands. Dragonflight does not take place in the afterlife, so they are called “awakened” raids for this expansion.

I know, you probably already figured that out on your own. Be that as it may, let’s get on with it.

WoW: Thoughts On The Expansion Announcement

The War Within logo
The War Within is the first of three new expansions

Greetings gamers! Last weekend (November 3rd-4th) was BlizzCon and, if you hadn’t heard, there was a major announcement for the World of Warcraft franchise. If you follow any gaming news then you already know what’s happening. I’m not going to regurgitate everything you’ve already seen 100 times by now. If you want to see it all again then I suggest going to Blizzard Entertainment’s YouTube page. This is merely my thoughts on the expansion announcement and the changes coming to the game.

I’ll cover their new approach for the next three expansions, the new systems (ex: Delves and Warbands), and a few other things.

WoW Update: 10.1 State of the Raid

The next major content patch, 10.2, is officially on the PTR. It has been a few months since I last talked about World of Warcraft. In fact, it was just prior to the 10.1 content patch. A lot has happened since March so let’s do a 10.1 state of the raid and talk about how things are shaping up.

It has only been approximately six months since I last talked about our raiding progress. We were almost to Heroic Raszageth. However, we had some team recalibration that coincided with the patch arriving faster than we expected and we could not obtain Ahead of the Curve.

WoW: Dragonflight and How It’s Going

The last time I talked about World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, it had been out for only two weeks. It has now been a little over three months, and all of us are well into a new routine. The next major content patch (10.1) is on the PTR which will introduce the next raid. Perhaps it’s time to check in and see how it’s going given the new features and updated systems.


First, a raid update, which is progressing reasonably well. We have three bosses left on Heroic difficulty with a pretty good strategy to finish Dathea. If we begin extending our lockouts and buckle down (without burning ourselves out) we have an excellent shot of taking down Heroic Raszageth in time for AOTC. If we don’t, the journey was fun; honestly, that’s all that really matters.

Initial Impressions of Dragonflight

Initial Impressions of Dragonflight

The latest World of Warcraft expansion has been out for about two weeks. I have reached the new level cap on at least one character (my raid toon, obviously). As I embark on the first raid of this expansion, let me share my initial impressions of Dragonflight.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I’ve been on a Clint Eastwood kick recently, so I will use the title of one of his best films to break down my initial thoughts.

The Good

I thought about saving “the best for last” but I want you to know all the good things first. The items that fall under “the bad” and “the ugly” are mostly “me things”. You’ll see what I mean if you stick around for that part of this post.

WoW: On the Eve of Dragonflight

Well folks, here we are. We are on the eve of Dragonflight, Blizzard’s 10th World of Warcraft expansion. I have moved all my toons out of Oribos and back to their respective capital city. As we return from saving the afterlife and begin our adventures in the Dragon Isles, let’s do an expansion character recap.

Being the nerd that I am, I have a spreadsheet in Google sheets to track my goals all through the Shadowlands. I began this spreadsheet during Battle for Azeroth but kicked it up a notch during this expansion. Many have already told me that there are addons that will do a lot of this for me. I appreciate the suggestions but I enjoy doing it my way instead. I am going to use that spreadsheet to discuss my Shadowlands progress. You’ve been warned that this post will be a little data-heavy.

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