Book Review The Swarm (The Second Formic War, #1)The Swarm by Orson Scott Card
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Ask anyone that knows my taste in books and they will tell you that I love the Ender’s Game Series. It even made my Top 5 Books list. So when I heard about these series of books that are essentially prequels to Ender’s Game, I was immediately interested. Honestly I wasn’t even aware there were books about the first Formic War until I began reading this book. Now I guess my list has grown bigger (since there are still books in the “Enderverse” that I haven’t read yet).

The Swarm is the first book of three in the new Second Formic War series. The third book has not been published, yet. This series follows Mazer, Victor Delgado and Bingwen as they face off against the Formics again, after the tragic events of the First Formic War. This book focuses on the International Fleet’s struggle to gain a tactical advantage over the Hive Queen and her swarm. When a Formic ship is discovered on an asteroid in the Kuiper Belt Bingwen, Victor and Mazer race to gather as much intel as they can to assist the IF and save the human race.

Biggs’ Review

I didn’t do any research about this book before reading it. We found it on sale and decided to buy it because I love the Ender books and my wife had heard good things about it. The rumors are true. I enjoyed this book just as much as I enjoyed his other books. While I haven’t read the First Formic War series, this book begins setting up much of what we see in Ender’s Game. I’m excited to read The Hive to see what other “origin stories” are ahead. Unfortunately I don’t own a copy … yet.

If you’re an Orson Scott Card fan and/or an Ender’s Game fan then this series seems right for you.

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