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Book Review of Dooku Jedi LostDooku: Jedi Lost by Cavan Scott
My rating:

I don’t give 3-stars to too many Star Wars books and I almost gave this one 4 stars. Honestly its my fault because I didn’t realize this book is meant to be an audio book. The print form that I read is the scripted version of the audio book; which has its pros and cons. It takes a little getting use to but once you’ve acclimated the book moves pretty fast. There is some nomenclature and acronyms that I didn’t know what they meant. Such as “SOTTO” and “BEAT”. Some of them I could look them up (ex: SOTTO voice means softly or quietly so as to not be overheard). Anyway, let’s get into the synopsis and review.

Brief Synopsis and Biggs’ Review

In all fairness, the story is interesting. It gives you a glimpse into the childhood and Jedi training of Count Dooku. You even learn a bit about how he becomes a “Count”. Dooku is looking for someone from his past and, to do that, he has called upon Ventress, whom he hopes to make his apprentice. He gives her clues and some holo-recordings to help her track down this person. During her investigation she learns about her soon-to-be master’s past, including his family.

Like I said, I think the story is interesting. It doesn’t jump around through time a lot, it stays pretty linear as Ventress explores his past. We meet a few more Jedi Masters and even get a glimpse into Sifo Dyas. Minor spoiler: it turns out Sifo and Dooku were good friends growing up, which is something I never gleaned from the movies. It’s really not a bad book and I’d suggest reading it just to see more about Ventress’ relationship with Dooku. You just have to get used to the scripted format.


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