Aug 122014

gunnarsSince the first time I saw Gunnars at Micro Center I had wanted to try them out. Granted at the time I was wearing glasses so unless I was willing to pay the ridiculous price for prescription Gunnars, they would remain on the store shelves instead of beside my gaming peripherals. A few years later I had LASIK and it was worth every penny, of course the Gunnars would still have to wait since I just paid for the surgery.

So now we fast-forward to present day and I find some on sale on Amazon and it became time to try them out. They are supposed to help with eye strain and fatigue as well as help with dry eyes. A side effect of LASIK is dry eyes and I had chronic dry eyes prior to LASIK so anything to reduce how dry my eyes get is worth a try.

I’ve been using my Gunnars for about 3 weeks and so far they have been worth the investment. My eyes do seem less stressed and I do notice that they seem to dry out less through the day. I even think everything looks more crisp on the computer monitors. In fact not only have I been wearing them when I’m using my computer at home for video games, but I have brought them to work as well. Granted I have been called everything from “the biggest nerd in the office” to Bono from U2 but considering how much its been helping my eyes it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Besides, why would I flinch when I’m called a nerd, isn’t it better just to embrace what I am?

You can get Gunnar’s without the yellow tint and still receive the benefit but they will cost more so if you don’t mind the yellow lenses, I’d recommend the cheaper pair. So if you have the means, keep an eye on Amazon because that’s where I found them at a discount and I would definitely recommend getting a pair especially if you are feeling any kind of eye fatigue or dryness after staring at the computer for long hours.

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