Ahh, the notorious goals (or more colloquially known as resolutions). I will cover the usual three main areas of focus: Technical Skills, Reading Challenge, and Wellness. I’m hoping for a little more diligence on my part to really focus on all of these goals. I did pretty well last year but there were a couple of bumps along the way. So let’s set those 2024 goals, shall we?

Wellness Goals

Rocky celebration

I’m going to start with my 2024 wellness goals. As I’ve stated numerous times, here and to other people, this should be the year I do the Flying Pig Half Marathon. I admit I’m still intimidated, which is why I haven’t signed up yet. The winter temperatures have always been a huge factor; if I can keep up running in the cold then I think there’s a solid chance I will run the half marathon.

I’ve got to do something about my eating habits. I snack when I’m stressed and I’m bored, even when I can feel myself getting full. It’s really frustrating that I give in so easily to my urges. If you have some tips for fighting a snacking habit, I’d love to hear them.

Also, I’d like to try to finish the Run to Mordor before August 27th. This might require some additional weekend workouts and/or an increase in my daily run distance. I’m sure the half marathon will help achieve that goal.

Dropping about 15 pounds would also be quite lovely.

2024 Reading Challenge

I’m sticking with 12 books again this year. I know a few books on my list for the year are already pretty long. If I can go over that number then that’s good on me. I will also continue to work on my “read again” list which, as you may already know, has changed. Here is the update:

I decided to add the Hunger Games trilogy and Ender’s Game to the list; it’s time to revisit Katniss and Ender. The fifth book in the Inheritance Cycle did come out late last year so I’m all caught up to dive into that book this year. Reading that series again was a priority last year. This year, I think my priority will be the original Thrawn Trilogy given the plans for upcoming Star Wars projects.

Technical Skills Goal

What are you doing, Dave?

My technical skills goal had a tumultuous year, last year. I was off to a good start, then I got stuck and it was neglected for the next six months. Late last year I began a new training course to refresh myself on the logic. It is my hope the new course will help me figure out where I got stuck.

So my technical goal is to really focus on getting at least an MVP version of the new gift list app deployed. Maybe I will make that my goal by spring break. There is also some training I need to complete for some new technical skills for work. I hope this year will be a big year for this goal.