Oct 012013

timeless-isleWe are about two weeks into WoW’s last big content patch for the current expansion. This patch included a new island called the Timeless Isle which is littered with elites and rare mobs. I have been actively completing the daily/weekly quests and killing rare mobs often on two toons since the patch dropped and I’ve got to say, I’m unimpressed.

The final reputation to farm is Emperor Shaohao and its a brutal grind! There is a daily question to kill 20 elites, a weekly quest to kill 5 rares and gather 50 epoch stones. It’s brutal! I think the worst part is that there’s nothing that makes it worth the grind. You can gather a ton of Timeless Coins and Valor Points, but there’s nothing to spend them on. There isn’t any new rep gear that’s higher than 500. It’s just a bunch of commodity crap (as if we don’t have enough commodity items taking up space in our bags already)! The BoA pieces are kinda nice, and with Burden’s of Eternity you might be able to upgrade your gear to 535 but after you are finished finally killing 20 mobs, you are pretty burnt out.

So why do I keep going out there?? I don’t get it. I know how much of an awful grind-fest this island is but I still find myself going out there daily and killing mobs. Granted its a great way to gear up alts since you can mail all the BoA pieces to any toon on the same server and upgrade straight to a 496 ilevel. As far as my main raiding toon is concerned, I don’t think there is really anything that island has to offer that is of any use to my character’s advancement.

I don’t know. I feel like the Isle of the Thunder King had more to offer.


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