Aug 062015

warcraft-legionWell I think Blizzard definitely made it a very epic Gamescom; it probably hasn’t been this epic in years! I’ll be honest, I was nervous waiting for the announcement because Blizzard has been going so many different directions with new games while trying to continue developing interesting content for their flagship product. I know that WoW has lost its luster for many gamers who have played since Vanilla. In fact the last couple of expansions have even had me waning because I struggled with the story.

I feel like Legion has changed that for me. Initially I am feeling just as excited for the expansion as I was for Lich King (which was my favorite expansion). I have been waiting for the Demon Hunter since the Death Knight and its the first time ever that I am actually thinking about changing my main. ashbringer-8lhH9GArtifact weapons might be the reason that I don’t change my main. Playing a paladin (that is currently Retribution) means that Ashbringer would be my artifact weapon, and for someone that has been playing a paladin for years, that makes me very happy. A demon hunter tank sounds so awesome though and we all know that the demon hunter artifact weapon will probably be warglaives! What to do. What to do.

The Emerald Nightmare as a raid is also really exciting and means that I will be working hard to make sure I am ready to hit raiding again (and hopefully not just LFR *wink wink*).

demon_hunter_by_anni_lee-d3h0u59I am going to miss my garrison but Champions and Class Halls are the next logical step from followers and garrisons – sort of (though I am still a little disappointed that we don’t have player housing yet). I like the concept of champions playing a more integral role in your adventures, instead of just your pawns to do bitch work.

I don’t think the press event had been over for 5 minutes when I already saw people tweeting that Blizzard is “rehashing content” again but I disagree. Yes we will be using Dalaran again (which I think is great because I love that city) and we will see Violet Hold again but beyond that its all new. The Broken Isle is from Warcraft 3 and has never been in any of WoW so I don’t understand how that is “rehashing” when we have never been there (unless you played Warcraft 3).

I think Blizzard has stopped creating MMO content for the MMO gamer (a long time ago) and has been working on creating content for the people that enjoy the lore. They want people to be immersed into the content because of the story and the characters, not because its challenging. I agree that for certain games challenging is fun, but that’s not the point of this game anymore. It’s a community now. It’s a continuous story. Those are the new ingredients for a fun World of Warcraft experience.

doomhammer_by_wolfgan-d5dzgc7One person commented that they were hoping that Blizzard would have come up with a different mechanic for leveling, other than just increasing it another 10 levels. I think they make an interesting point. Will each expansion just continue increasing the level cap ad nauseam? It will eventually feel too daunting to start a new character.

Granted I am still coming off the high of the unveiling and perhaps after I have digested everything and read up a little more, maybe my impressions will change. They may not necessarily become more negative. In fact they could become more positive. I just wanted to get my thoughts out there early, while everyone else is still digesting everything too.

I want to know what your impressions are (if you watched the press event).

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