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MMO Times Thinks Wil Wheaton Was The Best Blizzcon HostIssue 137: Now that BlizzCon is over we can all start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas; after all we need something to keep us distracted while we wait for all the new goodies to be launched (or while we wait for our beta invites). I’ve decided to stop using Star Wars pictures for featured images and the header (unless the content of the post warrants it). Clearly I’ve made my excitement known, and honestly, while my excitement for The Force Awakens hasn’t waned in the slightest, after BlizzCon my gamer geek is equally as excited.

Beyond what was announced at BlizzCon, what else could be going on out there in the gaming world. I did provide a link to a BlizzCon recap that you can check out to see what you may have missed, or just to rekindle those feelings in your special places about the new content. Another game is getting a possible movie deal (I don’t know why). If you are a visual effects geek then you should check out the article about Moonlight Blade. The Secret World has unlocked some new content and there is a trekkie charity opportunity. KCGO

BlizzCon Recap

ashbringer-8lhH9GPosted 11.9.15 – Instead of trying to find all the wide array of posts about all that happened at BlizzCon I thought I would simply provide MMO-Champions recap for you to peruse. I’ll probably go back and write up my own thoughts on all things BlizzCon and Blizzard games. I will take this opportunity (because, you know, my blog) to say that I did enjoy BlizzCon, not just for the content but to listen to Metzen, Kaplan, Hazzikostas and all the others talk about the games they clearly love; not to mention Wil Wheaton was an amazing host.
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A Witcher 3 Movie?

Posted 11.10.15 – I don’t know why the sudden flood of more video-games-to-movies. There still hasn’t been a successful video game adaptation. Perhaps the Warcraft movie will be different but that is simply based on the quality of the trailer. So now there is a director assigned to a Witcher 3 movie. Actually, if you read the post, there will be a couple of Witcher 3 movies. I guess The Sean Daniel Company and Platige Films are confident. I have my doubts.
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Hearthstone: League of Explorers

Posted 11.11.15 – As promised during BlizzCon, the next adventure for Hearthstone is available for players. League of Explorers will give you 45 new cards and take you on a journey into archaeology with an interesting new cast of characters, including a rather sophisticated Murloc. The link provides the cinematic trailer, that was presented at BlizzCon, as well as a link to the BlizzCon coverage of the announcement.
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Two More Raids Available in TSW

Posted 11.12.15 – The Secret World has released update 1.12.6 which also opens up tow more Nightmare Raids (The Corpse Nightmare Raid and The Corrupted Agartha Nightmare Raid). They also applied several combat, mission and UI bug fixes that should (based on the explanation) alleviate some player frustrations on certain missions. Apparently one of the bugs was an NPC’s tirade in the Manufactory: Breached dungeon (though it sounds amusing).
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Stunning Graphic Quality!

Posted 11.12.15 – A martial arts MMO by the name of Moonlight Blade will be hitting Korea soon. Yes, that means we can’t play it (yet) but I don’t think I would play it anyway. I wanted to provide this link for those that admire the time and effort put in to incredible visuals. Check out the two videos in the post. The visual quality of the game is absolutely stunning! It’s Asian inspired which makes a lot of the weapons and clothing are amazing. If you are a fan of any kind of martial arts, the combat looks like something out of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
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Legion Class Previews

Posted 11.12.15 – As promised during the Legion Game Systems panel, all the Legion class previews have been posted. You can now go out and preview all the changes to your class (or classes if you hold loyalties to multiple). These “previews” not only explain spell changes but they explain it (quite well) from a lore perspective. By that I mean, they explain how these changes have a direct correlation to each classes respective lore and their role in the coming Legion expansion. If you are a lore junkie (which I know some of you are) then these class previews should provide some interesting reading. Blog

STO Offering Ships for Charity

perspective_constitutionPosted 11.13.15 – It’s nice to see companies do charity drives by offering goodies in exchange for donations. Gamers love to customize their game with mounts, pets, ships, etc and, personally, its extra rewarding when my cash purchases benefits a charity. Star Trek Online is offering ships and shuttles in exchange for a donation to an anti-bullying campaign. Bullying is a big issue in schools these days so its definitely a worth cause.
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