Aug 192015

master-lukeI know that is a surprising title coming from me, but hopefully that is what grabbed your attention. Let’s recap. There are 6 movies now. Episode VII is pretty much wrapped up. VIII and IX are in the works. The Rogue One movie cast has been announced. We have Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Droid Tales animated series. There are rumors, still circulating, of Boba Fett and Han Solo spin off movies. Then, of course, there are the plethora of video games. We have been inundated with Star Wars since Disney took over, which is pretty much what Disney does. We know that it won’t end as long as people keep tweeting about it, posting on Facebook about it and buying memorabilia (guilty!) So is it too much Star Wars?

Right now any Trekkie reading this is vehemently screaming “YES” (complete with Daniel Bryan arm gesture). In fact there are probably quite a few Star Wars “fans” that also agree probably since The Phantom Menace. Personally, I’m not there yet. I am very excited for The Force Awakens. I’m actually even a little excited for Rogue One (especially since the great Alan Tudyk will be in it). I’m on the fence about the whole Boba Fett/Han Solo spin-offs but we’ll see how that plays out.

Then there is the Star Wars parks that Disney also announced because, again, that’s what Disney does, build parks. Therein lies the real conundrum. The rational side of me is thinking, a Star Wars theme park probably isn’t necessary. The idea is cool as hell, but economically it seems like a bad business venture. Of course there is every ounce of my inner child screaming “I wanna go! I wanna go!” so if the park(s) is/are actually built, and it doesn’t cost a small fortune, I definitely hope to arrange at least one visit, you know, for the kids!

So for now I guess I’m not feeling all that overwhelmed. Actually I’m rather enjoying all the love that Star Wars is getting right now. For years we have endured so many Star Trek movies and television series, while Star Wars sat silently in the background, that its about time the best science-fiction drama gets some deserved time in the lime light. So go watch tribble mating rituals on your holodecks while getting wasted on Romulan ale if you don’t like it! 🙂


P.S. By the way, Star Wars Rebels … really good! You should watch it!

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