Apr 092014

clock_waitIf you have been following along at home then you know that we are expecting. She (it’s a girl) was due April 3rd and here it is April 9th and she still doesn’t seem like she’s ready to come out. We are starting to look at the possibility to induce labor.

Of course when you are expecting a baby the cliches and colloquialisms come pouring out (better get use to not sleeping. check. better get use to not having any free time. already have too much, check. etc). The part that nobody tells you about is how frustrating it is to have to wait. I’m not someone that likes to sit around with nothing to do when I know something big is about to happen. I feel like we have done all we can to be ready for this baby, now we just need the baby.

I hate waiting, I really do. I think what makes its worse is this just perpetuates my wife’s discomfort. She can rarely find a comfortable place to sit, she pretty much has to lay down in very specific positions so her back will stop hurting. Sitting at her computer is right out. Sleeping comfortably is also a challenge. I’d have to concur with something she said the other day; what, about being pregnant, do most women seem to enjoy about it?

Anyhow, it’s just a meandering thought. It’s not going to be a common occurrence for me to post a lot about the impending munchkin; that will be predominately on the family website.


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