mmotimesheaderIssue 66: Greetings Gamers! If you’re playing WoW then you know that Tuesday is/was patch day and you may need something to read while waiting for the servers to come back online. There is also the chance that nothing will be working once they do, though Blizzard has been better lately about keeping the realms stable on patch days.

So if you’re looking for something to read you can check out this issue which contains the patch notes for the WoW patch but also a Star Trek Online teaser, Blizzard PAX news, and some more information on Age of Wushu and the Guild Wars 2 February patch. Read on and game on, friends.

World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 Going Live!

Posted 3.4.13 – Just as Blizzard promised three weeks ago, patch 5.2 will be going live (or has gone live) March 5th. In case you have been living in a cave, this patch contains the next tier of raid content (Tier 14), a new daily hub (similar to the Isle of Quel’Danas), and more quality of life goodies. The link to MMO-Champion will have all the things you need to read up on regarding the contents of this patch.
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Aion 4.0 New Dungeon Details

Posted 3.4.13 – Here are more details about the upcoming Aion update (4.0). These details talk about some of the upcoming new dungeons where there are some interesting new mechanics. There is a timed instance where the group has to control all key points, an instance where the difficulty of the final boss can be changed, a 12v12 battle instance, and more.
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Countdown Appears on STO Website

Posted 3.2.13 – A countdown to March 21st appeared recently on Star Trek Online’s website. There are many speculations about what will be announced on the 21st; some think it will finally be a playable Romulan class, or perhaps it will be some new adversary and mission content, or maybe something completely different. I also provided the link to the page with the countdown. What do you think it means?
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Blizzard to Attend PAX East

Posted 2.26.13 – It looks like Blizzard will be attending PAX East (in Boston), which is unusual. The Penny Arcade Expo doesn’t seem like a forum that Blizzard would attend. Nobody knows (yet) what they plan to show since they plan to have BlizzCon this year. I think its probably related to their Diablo III for the Playstation announcement.
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Age of Wushu Encounters Video

Posted 2.26.13 – The upcoming China-based MMO, Age of Wushu, will introduce another interesting mechanic; random encounters. As you go about your typical game play you may suddenly unlock a random encounter. This encounter could be fighting, puzzles or just talking to an NPC. Its kind of like finding the random quest item dropping off a mob in WoW. The encounter could result in discovery of a new skill. Check out the 3-min video from the latest testing.
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A Look At “The Gathering Storm”

Posted 2.26.13 – Take a look at this Massively author’s look at Guild War 2’s February patch called “The Gathering Storm”. She covers, quite verbosely, the new sPVP map, the new guild missions and other features. I have yet to try Guild Wars (I think I have enough games between WoW, SWTOR and TSW) but I have watched friends play it so I’m sure these changes are going to be pretty nice.
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