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It’s to be expected that a new trailer will produce more questions and even more theories. Some of them are fairly conceivable, others are wild, baseless speculation. I’m going to explain my theory as to the plot (and subplots) of the next movie based on evidence shown in the newest trailer. (If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, then you’re a nub and you should go watch it now – I’ll wait.) All right, now let’s proceed.

The Plot


A very Obi-Wan-esque image of Luke

The Empire is shattered. The Sith and Jedi have vanished and are now mere legends. Granted its only 30 years after the second Death Star was destroyed, but since there were technically only three Force users (Vader, Palpatine and Luke), its conceivable that most people weren’t even aware that Luke was Jedi and Vader and Palpatine were Sith. Be that as it may, Kylo Ren and his followers (the Knights of Ren) set out to rebuild the Empire that, Kylo Ren believes, Vader wanted. Ren is obsessed with Vader, we don’t really know why. The First Order, in juxtaposition with Ren’s efforts, is the new Imperial army led by General Hux.

Finn is a stormtrooper (remember, after the clone wars stormtroopers were no longer clones but volunteers) who, perhaps, begins to question the motives behind the First Order and decides he has had enough. He is shot down escaping and crashes on the same planet as Rey. This planet also has the crashed Star Destroyer we’ve seen in images and trailers. It’s also where, I believe, we see Rey spelunking in the opening of the newest trailer. Perhaps she find something there. A device or some data that the First Order needs to continue to rise to power.

This is also where the lives of Rey and Finn become entwined. Perhaps they are both experiencing strange, latent abilities. The Force. They have only heard stories of Jedi and the Force. Perhaps they are the first of, what will be, a new Jedi Order. If that’s the case then Kylo Ren would want to prevent and/or destroy them. He talks of finding the last Jedi. Luke? Luke is likely in hiding, thus perpetuating the legend. Perhaps Luke will emerge from hiding to train Rey and Finn and rebuild the Jedi. He could become the new Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Where Is Luke and Who Is Kylo Ren?


Kylo Ren without the helmet; that’s Adam Driver folks!

Speaking of Luke, where is he? So, first off I am going to address one of those wild, baseless speculations head on. Luke Skywalker is NOT Kylo Ren. It has been a wild theory since the first teaser trailer. Adam Driver is the actor that plays Kylo Ren and there are images of Ren without his helmet on (and he’s not a 63 year old bearded man). People are throwing around this crazy theory because Luke doesn’t appear on the official movie poster and is (allegedly) merely a glimpse in the trailer (I believe he is the one kneeling down putting his hand on R2).

My most recent theory is Kylo Ren was a disciple of Luke. Perhaps Luke tried to rebuild the Jedi Order after the Battle of Endor and Ren’s obsession with Vader lead to his corruption. Luke feels he has failed as a Jedi which is why he disappears into hiding. Remember, as Yoda alluded to in Phantom Menace, there is always a master and an apprentice. Kylo Ren is too young to be the master so who is guiding his emotions? Perhaps Kylo Ren begrudges Luke because he failed Vader, his own father? What if Kylo Ren is a Solo? So now Luke not only failed his own father but Kylo Ren’s grandfather (assuming Leia is his mother). I actually really like this theory and probably my favorite Luke theory thus far.

Obviously, to say that I’m a little excited for The Force Awakens would be an understatement. I think one of the best things about being a big Star Wars fan is being able to watch the trailers and speculate on what might be true or what might happen using our vast (albeit useless) knowledge of past lore.

December 18th cannot get here soon enough.


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