Oct 162015

Remember this classic moment (from the movie Rookie of the Year)?

Coincidentally that scene was a game between the Cubs and Mets for the NLCS and that was that late John Candy, a loyal Cubs fan, playing the role of the Cubs commentator. I’ve been sitting here trying to work and trying not to think about the Cubs just four wins away from a World Series (which has never happened in my lifetime). I haven’t been very successful. I blame Twitter.

lgo_mlb_chicago_cubsThe Mets are 0-7 against the Cubs during the regular season, but this is the post-season and your regular season record doesn’t matter anymore (remember the Cardinals had won over 100 games and had the best record in all of baseball). It’s going to be a tough contest for both teams (and probably quite lively as the mudslinging has already begun between the fans). The Cubs have earned their spot here from incredible plays and young, focused players. Some of the plays I’ve seen during the NLDS are World Series plays. The Cubs look like a championship team. They have a real shot this year but I’m trying to remain humble.

If they don’t go all the way, even if they are eliminated in the NLCS, I will still be very proud of how well the team played this year. There will be no lamenting or sorrow. They, not only, eliminated the St. Louis Cardinals for the first time, Joe Madden even made good on his promise. The Cubs were, originally, expected to make the playoffs next year but Madden, at a press conference, promised that the team would make the playoffs this year. They have shown all of baseball that the Cubs are real contenders. They are a team that will not let any other team write them off as an “easy win”.

Goat or no goat, Back to the Future prognostications or not, win or lose, this was our year. We have been saying it for as long as I’ve been alive, “this will be the year”, and whether we are world champions or not, I think 2015 was definitely our year.

Go Cubs! #FlyTheW

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