minecraft-clippyIssue 107: Hello again, gamers!!! A million voices cried out in terror this week when the news officially broke that Microsoft purchased Mojang, the maker of Minecraft. The title comes from this humorous tweet sent out after the purchase was announced. I’m not a Minecraft player, and now the odds are even less likely that I will be. Farewell Minecraft, we knew thee well.  

As summer sadly draws to a close, we will all get ready to spend a few months indoors as the weather becomes colder and colder (and allegedly its supposed to be a pretty cold and snowy winter), although most of us are pretty accustomed to being indoors all day anyway. I think the big news is the launch of ArcheAge  which should be available for everyone this week. I know a few folks who were in the beta and said it was actually pretty good. Are you checking it out?

The next WoW expansion is approaching fast so more news about the upcoming 6.0 expansion pre-patch and expansions details are becoming more available. If you are done with the whole WoW-thing then there are still other things to read about. A familiar face has come to Marvel Heroes, Age of Wushu is giving your toons some companionship, and another title has jumped on the player housing bandwagon (though not very successfully). Have fun pwning the newbs!

Is Destiny Halo re-born?

Posted 9.12.14 – You have seen the amazing commercials for Bungie’s latest title, Destiny. I’ve even mentioned it a few times in a few previous issues. The videos I’ve watched on the internet and the commercials on TV certainly make Destiny look amazing. So now that Halo is more of a Microsoft title, Bungie needed a new title to carry the proverbial torch. Ironically Destiny seems to share quite a few Halo-like qualities, but that doesn’t really detract from the game. Check out this well-written article about the game, it might just leave you wanting to try it out but I don’t know if I would buy it.
Ars Technica article

Marvel Heroes Goes Rogue

Posted 9.13.14 – Marvel Heroes has added a new playable hero to the roster, Rogue. I have to admit Rogue was always one of my favorites. I loved that southern belle accent and having Anna Paquin portray her in the X-Men movies was just the icing on the cake. If you are familiar with the Rogue from the comics, that is the version that has been added to the game. She comes with super strength, flight and she can absorb mutant powers so that should make for an interesting dynamic in the game. There is a trailer to check out with this Massively post.
Massively post

Blizzard Reclaiming Names

Posted 9.15.14 – This is an interesting and unexpected perk to the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Blizzard will be performing a name reclamation for any character name that has been sitting around unused for more than six years. In other words, if you haven’t logged on to a toon in over six years, your toon’s name will be released on that server for others to use. I guess Blizzard’s logic is that if you have been gone for more than six years now, you have no intention of returning to the game. Perhaps this is a tactic to bring some people back who don’t want to lose their character’s names (which would be a strange expectation with such a large window), however if you have been waiting for a name to become available then you might be in luck come the launch of the WoD pre-patch.
Massively post

The Sixth Age of Wushu Expansion

Posted 9.15.14 – If you have been playing Age of Wushu then you have a pretty interesting expansion coming soon (which will be free to all players). Their sixth expansion, called Winds of Destiny, will feature an interesting companion system. This won’t be the SWTOR or WoW Garrison follower type of companion, it will be offline players. If you have built the proper rapport with other players in the game, you can set yourself as a companion where players can call your aid to battle even while you are offline. I don’t know what this means in terms of durability and death but there will be special rewards for those that do become companions.
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FFXIV Added Player Housing … Poorly

Posted 9.16.14 – Final Fantasy XIV decided to join the player housing bandwagon and add their own version of it to their game. Apparently the result was not what they wanted. Players were quickly disappointed when they logged in and found out that not only was there insufficient land for everyone to purchase a house (not sure I understand this, it sounds like once someone buys a plot of land, its permanently unavailable to everyone) but it will also cost you 4 million for the smallest property. I can see how some people were pretty upset.
Massively post

WoW: Get Your Cloak Now, While You Still Can

Posted 9.16.14 – Blizzard has decided to extend the Gaze of the Black Prince buff indefinitely until the 6.0 expansion pre-patch. It is important that you take advantage of this buff and complete your quests to receive your legendary cloak because once that patch goes live, the quest and the cloak will no longer be obtainable. I have completed this quest line (as I talked about before) so if you can overcome your aversion to the PvP part (which was the part I disliked the most) I would recommend you get on it. The buff and the raid finder tool (for the celestials component of the quest) were instrumental to my completing the quests.
Blizzard Blog Post
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