Issue 42

Greetings Gamers. I want to start this issue off by offering my thoughts and prayers to the families of the Aurora movie massacre. It’s awful that such a thing could happen but don’t let that discourage you from seeing the movie. Its a great film and a great finale to The Dark Knight Trilogy (you can read my review here). I’ve only managed to see it once but I would see it multiple times (if it weren’t so expensive to see a movie in the theater).

So if you have the Guild Wars 2 beta test out of your system (unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to participate in the beta) and you are on a break between your viewings of TDKR, check out the following headlines. It has been a pretty interesting week this week. Of course some big announcements from Blizzard (which I’m sure most of you have already heard) as well as some more MechWarrior Online videos. Read on and enjoy!

New Mech: The Jenner

Posted 7/25/12 – A new treat has been added to the founders package for MechWarrior Online, the Jenner mech. This is an agile, speedy mech that can wreck havoc on a fight and then disappear (via the use of rocket powered jumpjets on the legs). Yes, it sounds pretty cool and to really entice you more, there is a video. Follow the link to see it for yourself. Early access of MechWarrior Online starts in two weeks (August 7th).
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Mists Coming In September!

Posted 7/25/12 – I’m sure by the time you receive this issue you will probably already know that Blizzard has officially announced the release date for the next expansion, Mists of Pandaria. It is officially September 25th, so a little later then most people were predicting. Set your calendars, put in for the days off because the Pandas are coming. Follow the link to see the blue post press release. Pre-orders are available.
WoW Insider post

Aion Offers “Fast Track” Server

Posted 7/24/12 – This is an interesting realm feature that I don’t think any other MMO has done. Aion is offering a server that grants double experience on mob kills and profession gathering. This would even apply to any toon under 50 that transfers and it looks like it happens in game, just like when you can change channels, you can move to the fast track server and then move back. The links below will take you to a blog post or to the 3.1 patch notes (which is when this feature will be available). post | Aion 3.1 Patch Notes

SWTOR Weekly Developer Q&A

Posted 7/23/12 – Each week the SWTOR developers like to answer player questions as to what to expect in future patches and expansions. The most recent Q&A answered some player questions on PvP mechanics and plans. Follow the link to read Darth Hater’s recap or the official post on the SWTOR website.
Darth Hater post | Community Q&A July 23rd

New MechWarrior Online Map Revealed

Posted 7/23/12 – Piranha Games has given fans more tidbits about the upcoming MechWarrior Online MMO. They have a video of the Caustic Valley map. The post doesn’t have a lot of information because its the video that provides most of the information. Follow the link to watch the video.
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New Druid Travel Form

Posted 7/20/12 – Blizzard unveiled today the new travel forms for druids in Mists of Pandaria. No longer will druids shift into a cheetah, instead they will be a stag (and each faction will have a different look). I don’t play a druid so I’m not passionate about the old cheetah form but I imagine there might be a few that will no like this change. Follow the link to read more about it and see the images of the new forms.
WoW Insider post | YouTube Video

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