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mmotimesheaderIssue 68: It’s PAX East week so there will be several posts that talk about what was unveiled. The one everyone is really anxious about is Blizzard’s “Something New”. We already knew about the Diablo III PS4 migration so if you weren’t paying attention to the PAX news then I guess you will have to read on to find out what Blizzard unveiled (I’ll be honest though, its not really that epic).

Beyond that we have a couple of new tidbits about the upcoming Age of Wushu MMO (due out April 10th). The first piece of news about Patch 5.3 for World of Warcraft. A new MechWarrior Online trailer. And more!

video_icon Marvel Heroes Launch Date Announced

Posted 3.22.13 – The latest news about Marvel Heroes comes from PAX East where it was announced that the game’s launch date will be June 4th. If you own the Founder’s pack then you will have access starting May 28th and the PvP system will be available at launch.They also unveiled a new Villians trailer.
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WoW 5.3 Patch Notes Available

Posted 3.22.13 – Right on the heals of announcing that Item Upgrades are coming back (see next item), Blizzard published the latest patch notes for 5.3. It looks like there is going to be a focus on PvP this patch as there have been “major changes”. New scenarios, battlegrounds, changes to battle pets and a new Heroic Scenario feature. There have been some tweaks to the LFR system, especially if you are a tank who needs to gear up an offset.
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WoW: Item Upgrades Coming Back

Posted 3.22.13 – Did you barely get a chance to use the Item Upgrade feature in Mists of Pandaria before they took it away? I did. I was going to try to use it the day before the patch and I completely forgot about it. The first news about Patch 5.3 is that they are bringing back the Item Upgrade feature, but there are changes. It will be for PvE items only, and it will be cheaper.
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video_icon Blizzard’s Big Unveil – Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Posted 3.22.13 – Well, if you were wondering what big announcement Blizzard had for PAX East, prepare for disappointment (unless you are a big CCG fan). The new game is called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. It’s an online collectible card game (that will be Free-2-Play). I’m not really into CCG so I wasn’t really that thrilled. PAX does seem like an appropriate forum to unveil such a game. I’m sure anything that would be truly epic Blizzard would save for BlizzCon.
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video_icon New MechWarrior Online Trailer

Posted 3.22.13 – MWO unveiled a new trailer at PAX East, which is one of many new trailer unveiled at PAX. The newest trailer shows off several of the new mech units, gameplay, and other features and perks of the game from its six content updates since going into open beta.
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Age of Wushu Free-2-Play details

Posted 3.19.13 – I don’t know if I could really add another game to the list of games to play. I already actively play SWTOR and WoW and I throw some TSW in there; but I’m such a fan of martial arts and the ancient Chinese culture that I may have to check this title out. It seems like the F2P model for AoW is pretty standard. No box price. No subscription fee. There will be a “mall” where you can purchase things that will not enhance your stats.
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video_icon Age of Wushu PvP System

Posted 3.18.13 – Somewhere I missed the post that unveiled the launch date for Age of Wushu which, apparently, is April 10th. In any event, when the game launches players will be able to use a new mechanic called Battlefield Arenas which incorporates PvP but in a closed, controlled arena. Players can participate in Battlefield Arenas before they hit the streets. More information can be found on the website (the link is in the Massively post).
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