May 222012

Issue 33

As the finish line for the race for the Inferno World’s First draws closer and the Diablo III hype begins to wane, we are now looking at what new content to look forward to in upcoming patches and expansions. This issue we have more details about the upcoming 1.3 patch for SWTOR, more MIsts of Pandaria goodies and some Warhammer news.

It is also important to note that in a couple of weeks is E3 (June 5-7) and there is usually something of interest that will be revealed for the MMO genre. Perhaps Gazillion’s recent press release (which you can read about in this issue of MMO Times) will be a prelude of what might be at E3 this year.

Gazillion Press Release: Marvel Heroes Details Revealed

Posted 5/22/12 – The first details of the much anticipated Gazillion title Marvel Heroes have been revealed in a Press Release. This MMO will be using the Free-2-Play model and players will be able to create custom heroes with costumes and super powers inspired by Marvel’s most legendary heroes. The press release includes a statement from David Brevik who is the president of Gazillion and a former creator of Diablo and Diablo II. Follow the link to read the press release to learn more about what to expect in this new MMO (check out the trailer, with some gameplay footage, after the link).
MarketWatch article

SWTOR Game Patch 1.3 Details Unveiled

Posted 5/21/12 – IGN did an interview with lead designer Daniel Erickson about the changes coming with patch 1.3. The biggest component that will become available with this patch is the group finder, which should make doing heroics and operations much easier. There are also small cosmetic changes coming as well as updates to the crafting system. Follow the link to read the interview and check out the trailer for the patch. The Massively link has a screenshot of the new looking for group window, which looks like you can find groups not just for Operations and Flashpoints, but Heroic quests as well.
IGN article | Massively post

MoP Has New Toys For Engineers

Posted 5/21/12 – My main toon has had Engineering since level 10 so these changes are pretty exciting to me. I know in the past Engineering has had some pretty harsh criticism, and it was justified. I hope these changes make Engineering a more worthwhile profession. Perhaps Blizzard finally realized that this profession disparately need some love. Follow the link to check out some of the new toys Engineers should expect including trinkets, mounts and easier access to an anvil and forge.
WoW Insider post

New Mount in MoP to Have Reforger

Posted 5/21/12 – For those of you that will be continuing your Azeroth adventures in Mists of Pandaria, look for the expansions newest gold sink … err mount. The MoP version of the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth, named the Grand Expedition Yak, will not only contain the usual consumables vendor but also a portable Arcane Reforger. I think that’s a pretty interesting addition though I can see some pushy raid leaders forcing players to reforge their gear to be “more efficient”. The predicted price for this guy, approximately 60,000 gold.
WoW Insider post

Elder Scrolls MMO Has Single Player Story

Posted 5/21/12 – Another new and interesting MMO mechanic is slated for the upcoming Elder Scrolls MMO, a 100% single player story. Unlike most MMOs, players will be able to complete their story solo. I’m not entirely sure what this means but I guess the game will be designed so that you feel like your character is the sole hero, which apparently stays true to the mechanic of the original Elder Scrolls game.
Just Push Start article

Warhammer Patch to Have Realm vs Realm Scenarios

Posted 5/18/12 – I’m not much into the Warhammer MMO but I do find the concept of RvR rather interesting. In the upcoming content patch, 1.4.6, Warhammer players will have Realm vs Realm scenarios. It will be a single instance for 60 players from each realm (so 120 in total) that will participate in city invasions. I don’t know if any other MMOs have tried this kind of concept before but I’m curious what kind of reception it will have.
Massively post

Hamill to Reprise Voice of Joker for DCUO

Posted 5/16/12 – There may be some that didn’t know but the man behind the voice of The Joker in most of the Batman animated series and video games was none other then Luke Skywalker! SOE has announced that Mark Hamill will be providing the voice for The Joke once again in an upcoming content patch for DC Universe Online called The Last Laugh. Follow the link to read a bit more about it.
Massively post

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