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mmotimesheaderIssue 60: Greetings! Have you been diligent with your gaming resolutions? Are you excited for a new year of new titles, new content and expansions? The news for some of those titles and expansions are starting to roll in and some of the news is pretty exciting depending on your taste in MMOs.

This issue has some more information about Marvel Heroes, TERA and Age of Wushu. There are also some new titles to read about including Cryptic’s new title, Neverwinter and a some news for those that are big fans of Firefly.

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DCUO Update To Have Player Housing/Lairs

Posted 1/10/13 – Ok, this is pretty cool. This was actually announced around January 6th, but this newer article actually has a video. Apparently DC Universe Online will soon have player housing called lairs. Yes, lairs. How awesome is that?! I may have to get back into DCUO because I think its sweet to think about having your very own Fortress of Solitude. The Massively article has a video showing off this new feature, but it is quite lengthy.
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Browncoats Rejoice: Firefly MMO Is Real!

Posted 1/9/13 – The best sci-fi series that never made it (which is a bloody shame, thanks Fox!) is officially getting its own, fan developed, MMO. Firefly Universe Online is in development by indie Canadian developer Craig Redl. Granted I am a huge fan of this show but I do question whether it really needs to be an MMO, though looking at the screenshot in the article, it doesn’t look too bad. Its worth mentioning here because there was a huge brouhaha that the MMO was a hoax and its been making headlines daily since then. It’s not a hoax folks, and calling it that might damage Jayne’s calm!
Kotaku article

Marvel Heroes Coming In The Spring

Posted 1/9/13 – Gazillion has revealed that their upcoming MMO title Marvel Heroes will be out Spring of this year. There will be three options for a Founder’s Pack: Starter, Premium and Ultimate. I thought this game was suppose to be Free-2-Play but it must be Buy-2-Play now? I didn’t see any mention of a monthly subscription anywhere in the article but it will tell you what each Founder pack consists of. Though a friend of mine pointed out that the game should still be F2P and they are just offering the Founder’s Pack for people that want extra in-game goodies.
Eurogamer.net post

Free-2-Play! TERA Next to Go Free-2-Play

Posted 1/9/13 – A friend of mine can lay claims to having called it first, TERA is going Free-2-Play in February. En Masse hasn’t provided an exact date as to when this change will happen. It’s going to offer a pretty standard model (because nobody wants to make the same stupid mistake Bioware did). There will be three levels: Founder, Elite and Standard. Massively has more information.
Massively post

Neverwinter’s Great Weapon Fighter Class

Posted 1/8/13 – Cryptic revealed the newest class for their upcoming MMO, Neverwinter. The class is called the Great Weapon Fighter class, big name and pretty bad ass. The Massively article has a video of some in-game footage of the GWF abilities. I think it looks pretty sweet. If you are not familiar with this game, it takes place in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe. So if you are a fan of D&D and/or R.A. Salvatore, you will probably be pretty “geeked out” about this title.
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Age of Wushu Beta Now Early Access?

Posted 1/8/13 – If you pre-ordered Age of Wushu you not only should be able to participate in the beta but you should be able to continue playing it until it goes live. Snail has announced that the beta will continue “until further notice” which, as the Massively article points out, pretty much means that the beta is now early access. The game is scheduled to go live February 1st.
Massively post

New Blizzard Pet Store Mount

Posted 1/8/13 – Since this is the first item of a new issue I’m sure by now many have already heard about this new mount available at the Blizzard pet store. Just in case you haven’t, or you are still deciding, then here is more information and a link to the store item. All I can say is that could be some Baaaaaaad ass flying.
WoW Head post | Pet Store Listing

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