Issue 56: Hello again, Gamers! The Christmas season is in full swing and with only 18 days left, assuming the world doesn’t end in two weeks, I hope you have all your Christmas shopping completed, or nearly completed. We have some good stuff in this issue. One of the key headlines I want to point everyone too (especially if you are playing World of Warcraft) is the new pet store pet whose sales help Sandy Victims.

And speaking of Blizzard they are already talking patch 5.2 which is estimated to be 2-4 months away. There is also more Aion, Elder Scrolls Online and Age of Wushu news. The news for Age of Wushu seems to be increasing as we approach that February 1st release date (which is now less than two months away). There should be lots here to wet the proverbial appetite so read on and game on, friends!

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Age of Wushu Details Third School

Posted 12/6/12 – Since Age of Wushu is a martial arts MMO then it makes sense that instead of the traditional “class” model of characters they use “schools”. Recently Snail Games provided additional information for the third school, Wanderer’s Valley. This is the darker side of ancient Chinese life and based on the details this is a rogue-like class with some pretty nefarious methods of combat. Check out the link to read more about it.
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Age of Wushu Deluxe Edition

Posted 12/5/12 – For those of you waiting for the release of this epic martial arts MMO, you can now pick up the Deluxe Edition at the official website. It will only run you $19.99, which is pretty cheap compared to other Deluxe Editions of other games. There are some goodies available to those that pick it up, including guaranteed access to the next closed beta which starts just before the world ends. Follow the link to check it out.
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Regaled By Tales of a King

Posted 12/5/12 – If you are interested in the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) then perhaps you will find this post interesting. It tells the story of a king, a key figure in the lore of this upcoming MMO. I normally try to only provide headlines about MMO news but this one seemed to have regaled quite a few people. Check out the post and the short story if it suits you.
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Help Sandy Victims, Buy Cinder Kitten

Posted 12/4/12 – As promised, Blizzard has made the new Cinder Kitten pet available to purchase on the Battle .Net pet store. The reason I am pointing out this particular headline is that from now until the end of the year 100% of the sales will be donated to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. So head over to the pet store, pick up this “hot” new pet and help thousands displaced on the East Coast. The Massively link has screenshots, a video and the blue post.
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Aion’s Third New Class, Possibly

Posted 12/4/12 – A Korean press release may be describing the third class that will be available in Aion 4.0. Nothing has been officially translated, including the English name of the class (though its loosely translated to “Armored Castle”) but it looks kind of like a Daeva in a mech. Follow the link to see an artist rendering and read more about it. There is a video of the press release, but its all in Korean and there are no subtitles.
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Possible Sunsong Ranch Changes in 5.2

Posted 12/3/12 – If you are playing the World of Warcraft expansion then perhaps you, like myself, are completely addicted to your farm on Sunsong Ranch. I have unlocked all of the perks of being best friends with all the friends of the farm and now Blizzard is alluding to possibly offering more perks for the farm. Follow the link to see the blue post but please note the disclaimer.
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