Jun 282012

Issue 38

Greetings Fellow Gamers! It has been a very exciting week, culminating with the early access launch of The Secret World. There have been new updates and major announcements that will have many gamers giddy like a little school girl. Obviously the biggest news this week was the release of SWTOR’s Game Update 1.3 and the announcement of the Guild Wars 2 release date.

I hope to provide a post soon of my impressions of the 1.3 patch (similar to what I did for 1.2) so look or check back for that. There is also more information about account-wide mounts for MoP, more MechWarrior Online news and a very interesting article about the Jet Li sponsored MMO, Age of Wushu. Enjoy!

Guild Wars 2 Launch Date Announced

Posted 6/28/12 – The announcement all the GW fans have been waiting for, the launch date is August 28, 2012 for Guild Wars 2. I know this game has a huge fan base, though I’ve never really been a fan. Based on what I have been reading about the game I will still prefer SWTOR and WoW. I suspect GW2 will be a short fad much like Diablo 3 was. Ironically this coincides with the rumored release window of the next WoW expansion. Follow the link to read more about the announcement, including a trailer.
Massively post

MechWarrior Dev Diary Video

Posted 6/27/12 – I know there are a few of you that are pretty pumped about the upcoming MechWarrior Online MMO and this post will add to those feelings. The video is a developer diary with Russ Bullock and the video discusses their approach to combat using a “four pillar” concept. More importantly, the video contains some in-game footage. You better get a tissue for the drool, follow the link to enjoy. [Updated 6/28 – New video released].
Massively post | Frozen City Video

Age of Wushu Sounds Pretty Interesting

Posted 6/26/12 – Age of Wushu is the MMO that is being promoted by Jet Li so we knew it was going to be martial arts based. I am a former student of martial arts so perhaps that is where some of the intrigue comes from when I read this article about the play style of this game. I have to admit, it looks pretty interesting and definitely a different approach to MMO. The leveling mechanic is similar to how one trains in martial arts, its all skill based. Follow the link to read the article, and read the whole thing; you might find many of the concepts discussed to be interesting as well.
Gamerfront article

SWTOR Game Update 1.3 Is Live

Posted 6/26/12 – If you have been playing The Old Republic then you already know that when maintenance ended this week the 1.3 update was live. Players now have access to a group finder tool for flashpoints, operations and heroic quests. Ranked Warzones, augmentation tables and new legacy perks are also part of this patch. Follow the links to read more (including a post from Bioware’s James Ohlen).
Massively post | James Ohlen Blog Post

Gold Sink Mounts Account-Wide

Posted 6/25/12 – The coin purses of WoW players breathed a sigh of relief when Blizzard announced that mounts that cost quite a bit of gold will now be account bound. These include mounts that come from crafting professions. A few mounts that made the list are the Engineering choppers, Sandstone Drake, Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth, Ice Mammoth, etc. Follow the link to see the blue post and the full list of mounts.
WoW Insider post

Shameless Plug: The Secret World

Posted 6/25/12 – I’ve posted a link to this on Facebook and Google+ already but in case you missed it here is your chance to read it. I participated in two beta weekends for The Secret World so I did a quick write-up of what I thought of the game. I’m not going to ruin anything so you will have to follow the link below to check it out for yourself.
Biggs On: The Secret World

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