mmotimesheaderIssue 62: Hello again, gamers. The gaming news has been a little slow the past week and a half (or so). I almost felt like I was searching the tabloids trying to find headlines for all of you (if there were tabloids for MMOs). Be that as it may, hopefully you find something here that is interesting, though it is slightly smaller then most of the past issues.

In this issue there is more information about patch 5.2 and other MoP teasers. A good article about upcoming China MMO, Age of Wushu. Beta sign-ups for Elder Scrolls Online have started and the new StarCraft II trailer. Read on and game on friends!

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Pretty Good ‘Age of Wushu’ Article

Posted 1/26/13 – I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about the upcoming MMO Age of Wushu out of China. I have a huge martial arts so that adds fuel to the excitement. The article describes this MMO as heavily based on Wuxia which is the name given to Chinese folklore where the heros are depicted with superhuman martial arts abilities, similar to what you see in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Awesome!
Digital Trends article

WoW 5.2: Engineers Get New Pet

Posted 1/25/13 – My main’s profession is Engineering so that’s why I decided to include this one because its rare when something kinda neat comes around for Engineers. In the upcoming content patch, 5.2, Engineers will be able to make a new pet named Pierre. Its a battle pet that doubles as a cooking stove. Sounds like a pretty iconic engineering pet. Think Beauty and the Beast.
WoW Insider post

SCII: Heart of the Swarm Cinematic Released

Posted 1/22/13 – If you haven’t heard about this then you clearly are living under a rock. Anyone that is a fan of the StarCraft franchise have been waiting for the next content update for StarCraft II entitled Heart of the Swarm. Blizzard has released the official cinematic so for those under-rock dwellers, follow the link to check out the video.
video_iconWoW Insider post

Major New Feature Still To Come in MoP?

Posted 1/22/13 – In a twitter feed someone asked Ghostcrawler what feature in MoP has or will have a major impact. He was referring to previous expansions that gave us the dungeon finder tool and the LFR. Ghostcrawlers response was surprising and definitely has me curious as to what they are cooking up for this expansion still. Do any of you have any thoughts?
WoW Insider post

beta! Elder Scrolls Online Trailer and Beta Sign-Ups

Posted 1/22/13 – It has been a while since I found something about Elder Scrolls Online that is newsworthy. I’d say that this is pretty big news. Bathesda has released a six-minute trailer for their upcoming MMO and you can now sign-up for the beta. They don’t mention when the beta testing will start.
video_iconMassively post | Beta Sign-Up

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