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bb8-tfaIssue 130: Greetings Gamers! BB-8, the new endearing droid from The Force Awakens trailer, captured the Internet’s heart this week as an app-controlled toy was unveiled. It’s a bit pricey ($150) but its so damn cool that it might be worth it. Hopefully there will still be some available around Christmas (*hint-hint*). Be that as it may, let’s get back to talking about games/gaming. We just had a 3-day weekend which means an extra day to game. What did you play for your extra day of indulgence?

The Labor Day weekend made for a pretty meager list of noteworthy headlines. Some upsetting news for those interested in the Pathfinder Online title; WildStar’s Free-2-Play version has some new updates. I even threw something in here about The Witcher 3. I found some news about a couple of titles we haven’t heard from in a while, and there’s more of course. So while your BB-8 is charging, check these out. KCGO.

Outlook Grim For Pathfinder Online

bb-8-droidPosted 9.2.15 – The CEO of Paizo had to make a rather difficult and harsh decision, she had to layoff most of the Goblinworks staff. When they say “most” they mean all but three; the CTO, Art Director and a Designer are all that remain to finish the game. The Paizo CEO says she is hopeful that someone will come along and purchase the Goblinworks studio since most of the cost to make the game has already been spent. Pathfinder looked like a pretty cool game so hopefully someone will see its merits and give a few developers their jobs back.
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WildStar F2P End of September

Posted 9.3.15 – As promised, Carbine will launch the Free-2-Play version of WildStar September 29th. The F2P version has been in beta testing for a few weeks now (in fact I think it started before Gamescom) so folks who are interested in trying the game will get their chance in a few weeks. Carbine crew members are calling the new model WildStar “Reloaded” because of the number of changes. I have a couple of friends that have tried this title and they had mixed reviews. I don’t know if I will have time to try it out between WoW, SWTOR and GW2. If you are playing it or plan on trying it out, I would be interested in your opinion.
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Witcher 3 Expansion

Posted 9.8.15 – If you have been part of the phenomenon that is, The Witcher 3, then you will be excited to learn there is an expansion coming soon. It is called Hearts of Stone and, although it isn’t an MMO, it has been quite a popular game and its “open world” concept has drawn the attention of MMO fans. I haven’t tried this game yet. I want to, I just don’t have the time and the money right now (too busy with WoW and other hobbies/family stuff). There is a trailer.
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Blade and Soul Beta/Release Date

bb-8Posted 9.9.15 – I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Blade and Soul a couple times in the past. It kind of fell off the radar for a while but its back in the headlines as a beta date has been announced. October 30th the game will be in beta. It’s another one of those “east-meets-west” titles, with all the rendered beauty of Korean-style MMOs (ex: Aion). I wish I had more time to check out these beta’s when they come out but I have that work thing to do (unless I start getting paid to beta-test, which would be extraordinary). The plan to go live is still scheduled for early 2016.
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Skyforge’s Next Update

Posted 9.9.15 – Skyforge is another one of those games that I installed and would like to try out but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. It hasn’t been out that long and the developers have been working diligently on new content, thus Aelion’s Call will be coming soon. It is the next major update for Skyforge and is scheduled to arrive on September 16th. A new “catch-up system”, operations and raids are among the new features coming with this update.
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