tfa_poster_wide_headerIssue 135: Greetings Jedi, err Gamers! Star Wars Episode VII will also soon be here! I can hardly contain myself. Halloween approaches quickly, too, which means the daystar will soon give way to frigid temperatures (depending on your location). However that also means BlizzCon fast approaches as well as the Overwatch public beta. Are you asking “What Overwatch public beta?” then you might want to read on (although it has been all over social media). On a somber note, if you have ever watched any videos by TotalBiscuit, he is in need of your thoughts and prayers, now more than ever (more on that below).

So you already know there is something about an Overwatch beta, but there are some new things coming for WoW (more pre-Legion patches) as well as a new pet apparently added over a month ago but only recently discovered, details on a new FFXIV patch, exciting news for SWTOR players (beyond the new trailer) and more! KCGO.

Overwatch Public Beta Date!!!

Minion-reading-iconPosted 10.14.15 – Finally, the announcement we have all been waiting for, the date of the public beta for Overwatch. October 27th. Obviously this is before BlizzCon which means we might be hearing about a launch date that first weekend in November? I am excited to give this a try though the 27th is right before Halloween which can be a little busy around my neighborhood. Will you play the beta?
Blizzard Watch post

WoW: Valor Is Back!

Posted 10.14.15 – Just when you thought they were gone forever, BOOM! Blizzard brings them back. Yes, Valor points are back and can be used, once again, to upgrade your gear. Hellfire Citadel, Baleful and Draenor dungeon gear will all be eligible. There are several ways you can earn Valor points and they are all listed in the patch notes; said patch notes can be seen in the following Blizzard Watch post. Now GIVE ME MY FROST BADGES … err, I mean Valor.
Blizzard Watch post | Official Patch Notes

FFXIV Patch 3.1 Preview

Posted 10.15.15 – The next patch for Final Fantasy XIV will be hitting the live servers in about a month so the website is offering some previews of what that patch will include. You can get a peak at the new 24-man Void Ark dungeon (which, apparently, will contain a “familiar face”) as well as a preview of the new Main Scenario quest. I imagine there will be other fixes and hidden tweaks as well.
Massively Overpowered post

Prayers for Total Biscuit

Posted 10.15.15 – I’m sure most of you are probably familiar with the YouTube personality, Total Biscuit (@TotalBiscuit). He is widely known in the MMO community for his witty commentaries of new games and his career as a broadcaster for World of Warcraft Radio. His voice is unmistakable. He recently announced that his bowel cancer (which was found in April of 2014 and was in remission a year later) has returned and metastasized in his liver. The prognosis is incurable. He will begin chemo again and has told his followers he will beat it. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.
John “TotalBiscuit” Bain Wiki page

WoW: Get Your Terky!

terkyPosted 10.17.15 – I know my wife will be on her way to Borean Tundra the moment she logs in. It was revealed this past weekend that a new murloc pet named “Terky” is obtainable from a remote, underwater cave in Borean Tundra. The link should give you enough information to find her, but I’m sure you just need to follow the parade of people who are frantically invading Borean Tundra to get their own Terky. The link to the YouTube Video will also help you find her.
Blizzard Watch post | YouTube Video | See The Insanity (scroll down)

SWTOR: KOTFE Early Access Opens

Posted 10.20.15 – You might as well get use to flood of Star Wars media getting thrown in your face everywhere you look because that awesome trailer will mean the hype will just get bigger. Speaking of Star Wars, the upcoming expansion for The Old Republic opens the doors for those granted with early access. Knights of the Fallen Empire is officially playable to those with early access but that also means the expansive changes to the game will also go live even if you don’t have early access. October 27th is the official release date. Ls-purple-black-core
Massively Overpowered post

BlizzCon Musical Guest

Posted 10.20.15 – One of the big attractions of BlizzCon has been the musical guests. Ozzy Osborne, Tenacious D, Blink 182, Metallica have all been closing bands for past BlizzCons. Well this year Linkin Park will be joining that list. Whether you are attending BlizzCon in person (in which case, I hate you) or if you have the Virtual Ticket, Saturday night be ready to close things out with Chester, Dave, Mike, Joe, Rob and Brad.
Battle .NET post
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