Nov 132012

The fact that a group of players and greedy lawyers think they can scam Blizzard with this frivolous lawsuit about account security is hilarious almost to the point of absurdity. It’s like suing the police department because someone broke into your house. It is the responsibility of the PC owner to secure their computer and account. Blizzard cannot, and does not, force people to purchase an authenticator (which they sell at a loss, by the way), they simply encourage their use to help further protect your account.

The ignorance of people these days is infuriating and I love Blizzard’s response to the allegations:

“This suit is without merit and filled with patently false information, and we will vigorously defend ourselves through the appropriate legal channels.”

I think that’s legalese for “you’re stupid for even suggesting that this is our fault!” – I heartily agree. I haven’t seen where any of the names of the accusing parties have been given, obviously because they will be ridiculed to the end of their days by anyone with an IQ larger then their shoe size.

Come on people, there are better ways to make money. Try getting an actual job, that seems to be working out well for me.

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