Jan 192016

SoapboxI used to watch the Oscars like I watch the Super Bowl. In fact I used to play the Oscar game (i.e. predict the winners of all the categories) and I was pretty good at it, however since 8 Mile won best song, I haven’t watched the Oscars. I think the Academy plays favorites, or they are in the pockets of the production studios that win top prize. I don’t know why certain movies/actors are chosen,  but whether its favoritism or kickbacks, The Academy lacks objectivity. This is exactly what drives me crazy about the “call to boycott” the Oscars by Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee and why I don’t watch the Oscars anymore.

I will be surprised if race has anything to do with the alleged “lack of diversity” in the Oscar nominations. I mean, God forbid its because the movies weren’t Oscar worthy. Smith and Lee are basically asking The Academy to play favorites, as if the nominations are not already fixed. If she wants Will Smith to win an Oscar then he needs to be in a movie that is actually good enough to warrant a nod (and Concussion looked boring, and didn’t seem to get that great of a response). How dare The Academy expect actors to do their job well!!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, Hollywood is already full of arrogant, self-entitled fools. All those actors and actresses out there trying to “make a better world” are just trying to build publicity and get their 15 minutes. I would be surprised if any of them really give a damn about “free health care” and “equal rights”. “Humanitarianism” is just a PR buzz-word;  besides most of them are too belligerent from their recent drug-and-alcohol-induced fugue to take seriously anyway. The lack of black Oscar nominations is probably item 4,657 on the list of racial injustices, maybe Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee should focus their righteous efforts on something that will actually have an impact on humanity.imma-let-you-finish

I hope Kanye West wasn’t invited to the Oscars, although it might be pathetically hilarious if Jada Pinkett Smith pulls a “Kanye West” …

“And the Oscar goes to …”

Hold on, Imma let you finish but Will Smith deserves this Oscar more!

/end Soapbox

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