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If my memory serves right, this picture was taken at Nathan’s college graduation party back in 2003. It is a picture of me and Dr. Doug Berg taking, what I’m certain is, a shot of Jägermeister, which was our liquor of choice back then. Actually I think there was rarely a party the included some or all of us that didn’t involve  Jägermeister. I can tell you today that I think its been years since I have taken a shot of jager and thinking about it almost makes me cringe. I guess my liver doesn’t have a taste for it anymore (though a martini sounds pretty damn good).

Despite drinking quite heavily that night, I do still recall that party. The party took place at Nathan’s first post-college house back in our hometown (South Bend). If I remember right, there was a moment that night when I sat down on a couch outside, leaned back but I kept going. I remember it was a very odd sensation in my drunken stupor because I couldn’t figure out what was going on. If you hadn’t figured it out, the back of the couch gave out just as I was leaning back. All I know is one moment I am facing my friends, and the next I am looking at the stars.

Most of us passed out on Nathan’s living room floor and I remember waking up when I heard his roommate come home (he didn’t partake in the festivities) and he had to carefully navigate around all of us to get to his room. I woke up again pretty early, about 7am I think, which was pretty typical of me after a night of drinking. I wasn’t incredibly hung over (which was also pretty typical back then). I remember another friend of mine, John, was also awake and we decided that we would slip out while everyone was still asleep and get some breakfast. McDonalds breakfast is great morning-after-drinking food.

It was a great time! While I still had one more year back at Purdue, Nathan started his career and Doug (who also graduated that year) started Med School in the fall.

TBT is one of those crazy Facebook trends. It stands for “ThrowBack Thursday” and often times people post pictures. I know the old adage “A picture is worth 1,000 words” but most of the time the pictures I want to post have a great story behind them. In my traditional nerdy fashion, instead of just a picture I want to provide a blog post for my TBT moments to share those great stories. I will not share stories in which the context will embarrass or incriminate myself or my friends and family.

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