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MMO Times: AOL Is Still Evil: DIAF

aol-im-goodbyeIssue 113: I am going to rant a bit in the intro; if you don’t want to see the horrible things I think about AOL, you can probably skip this paragraph. If you haven’t heard by now, AOL has shut down three of my favorite gaming blog sites: Joystiq, Massively and WoW Insider. Some troglodyte in the upper ranks of AOL has made the ignorant decision to further ostracize AOL and shutdown these sites and fire 150 people; and ultimately left millions of faithful readers reeling in disbelief. There was nerd rage the likes of which the world had never seen. The beautiful irony is that the brilliant writers that were unfairly dismissed have a plan to persevere and we will soon see new weblogs pop up; AOL on the other hand will die a miserable and deserved death (finally). Make sure you take a moment to thank all the extraordinary writers for Joystiq, Massively and WoW Insider!

**Phew** I’m glad that’s out of my system. So let’s get back to talking about the games we all love. The former Massively and WoW Insider folks are already working on making a comeback. The first bit of new content for the current WoW expansion has been unlocked, unexpected news from Sony and more news from all of the great and valuable MMO news sources out there that deserve better than they often get from the corporate ass-hats that leer over them.

MMO Times: Stood in the Fire

Stood In The FireIssue 112: Greetings and welcome to 2015 … oh wait, I’m nearly a month late! It looks like I stood in the fire too long and thus had an epic fail with posting some MMO news! This is what I get for not having good raid awareness. I have learned my lesson. In all actuality, between various family engagements, holidays and fending off every flu and cold virus known to man, I didn’t have the time or the energy to write up my usual posts. I apologize for the lapse in MMO tidings. Hopefully the following list of headlines will make up for it.

PAX South took place recently so there are a few surprises that came out of San Antonio, including some expansion announcements and subscription changes. Blizzard is already working on some new content for the current expansion (I say already but I’ve been so far behind lately I guess it is about time for more content). There is also a limited time, free music download you want to check out as soon as you read this!

The MMO Times: Blood Moon Eclipse

lunar-eclipse-0814Issue 109: Isn’t that an awesome lunar eclipse. The “Blood Moon”, such an iconic event to happen in the month of October. Yes, fall is upon us and so are many a content patches and expansions. Obviously the gaming companies are gearing up for the Christmas season and the winter months for those that will be sequestered in their homes in the colder regions of the world. Blizzard, Bioware and the other companies are preparing content for your enjoyment while you endure the frigid winter months. Also, BlizzCon is a mere 3 weeks away (which means we are about 4 weeks away from Warlords of Draenor)!

 Speaking of the WoW expansion, the pre-expansion patch will drop October 14th so get your last taste of Brawlers Guild, Challenge Modes and get your Legendary Cloak quests because they will be gone with 6.0.2. So there is some SWTOR and WoW expansion news in this issue, as well as some more details about new content coming for Final Fantasy XIV, Age of Wushu and more.

The MMO Times: Fat Chocobo Edition

mmotimesheaderIIIssue 97: If you want to know why this is titled “Fat Chocobo”, you will have to read the post, but I will give you a hint … it might provide a means to get from point A to point B much faster. Beyond that it looks like folks are starting to thaw out from this crazy winter weather (well, most of us are thawing out anyway). As the weather gets nicer I’m sure our in-door activities will decrease. I know the “day star burns us” but you should find some time to get outside and get some Vitamin D (whether that means yard work or exercise). But there are plenty of hours in the day to get back in and pwn some mobs.

We have some more news from Blizzard regarding some of their titles currently in beta. There is a really interesting article about Elder Scrolls Online if you’re interested. I know a few of you, I think,  have managed to snag a beta. Please share some of your impressions if you like. There is more Final Fantasy XIV news (that might involve pudgy poultry), and some really exciting Star Wars: The Old Republic news! So strap in guys and check out these latest headlines!

The MMO Times: Final Fantasy Edition

mmotimesheaderIIIssue 82: Greetings gamers!! It was brought to my attention that I don’t talk about Final Fantasy enough and thus this issue is titled as such. Fear not, there are some headlines about FFXIV included in this issue, I didn’t skate around your feedback by merely titling this issue after the game 🙂 By the way, I encourage folks to make these kinds of suggestions. I don’t know what games folks like to read about so if there is a specific game that you would like for me to include, please let me know.

So, beyond some Final Fantasy XIV news, there is also a pretty cool video to check out from the Infinite Crisis beta testing. Some changes coming to those farming heroes in Marvel Heroes. There is talk of an in-game store with micro-transactions coming to Patch 5.4 of the current World of Warcraft expansion; and more beta news for Elder Scrolls Online. I also included a headline about Hearthstone. I know its not an MMO in the truest sense of the word, but if MMO sites are talking about it, I thought perhaps I should mention it as well.

The MMO Times: Better Than Windows 8!

mmotimesheaderIssue 62: Hello again, gamers. The gaming news has been a little slow the past week and a half (or so). I almost felt like I was searching the tabloids trying to find headlines for all of you (if there were tabloids for MMOs). Be that as it may, hopefully you find something here that is interesting, though it is slightly smaller then most of the past issues.

In this issue there is more information about patch 5.2 and other MoP teasers. A good article about upcoming China MMO, Age of Wushu. Beta sign-ups for Elder Scrolls Online have started and the new StarCraft II trailer. Read on and game on friends!

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