Jul 272016
As the Burning Legion Comes, We Bid Adieu to Draenor

Last week we saw the activation of the 7.0 patch. The patch that paves the way to the launch of Legion. If you haven’t been paying attention, the patch includes the new Appearances interface, changes to all class talents, and the Demon Invasion (to name a few). As of the time of this post, the Demon Invasion hasn’t begun yet. It might be as soon as one week later, or it could still be a few weeks off. When that invasion happens, we will get the Demon Hunter class. Regardless, as the Burning Legion comes we bid adieu to Draenor. Was Warlords of Draenor a Success? [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 102016
The MMO Times: It's 2016, Let's Get Our Game On!!

Issue 138: Greetings and welcome to 2016! Isn’t it funny to think that a little over 16 years ago we were all freaking out because Y2K was going to destroy the world? Silly humans. Oh, and speaking of silly humans, what is with the “find the panda” bit going around Facebook? I couldn’t resist using the above image from a World of Warcraft tweet. I hope all of you had a great Christmas and didn’t kill to many brain cells on New Years Eve. 2016 is going to be a pretty big year for gaming, I think, especially if you are a fan of Blizzard titles; [… Click to Continue …]

Nov 052015
Let My Home Be My Garrison

Will there be no love lost between players and their garrisons when Legion comes out, or will folks, like me, lament leaving their garrison back on Draenor? Actually, I take that back, I will not be leaving my garrison in the dust, to be forgotten like Sunsong Ranch. The garrison is a gold farm. If all you do is send your out followers just to sell whatever they bring back, and harvest your ore and herbs, only to vendor it, those small amounts will add up quickly. I kind of wonder if Blizzard expects people to do this since they gave us a separate hearthstone [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 262015
The MMO Times: Tom Brady Sucks!!

Issue 128: Yes, I know, the title has absolutely  nothing to do with MMOs or gaming (unless you to make the gentle leap to Madden NFL), but I like to take any opportunity to express my unrelenting disdain for Tom Brady (and Bill Belichick). I’m sorry that I may have subjected you to unrelated editorial venting, especially if you are not a football fan (which is a travesty). Be that as it may, we are here to talk about gaming, our love of gaming, and why gaming will, one day, save mankind (i.e. Ender’s Game). Quick PSA for those playing WoW (so skip if you don’t care): If [… Click to Continue …]

Jul 312015
WoW: Thoughts On Warlords of Draenor

It never really occurred to me that prior to the launch of patch 6.2 that it would be the final patch of this expansion. Usually the final patch has more pomp and circumstance so those of us a little behind have a better idea of how much time we have left in the expansion. For example, I am substantially behind! I haven’t been past the first wing of Blackrock Foundry (in LFR) nor have I even completed any of the quests from the instances for the cores needed for the legendary ring. In fact I may just kick this off by talking about that ring. Why [… Click to Continue …]

Jul 022015
The MMO Times: ID4 Edition

Issue 120: It’s already Independence Day, where has this year gone. The days are already growing shorter and we are already a third of the way through the summer. Gaming is definitely one way to spend those hot summer days. Granted going outside is good for the ole belly, but there’s nothing good about heat stroke. Plan your day-star activities carefully.  Now that E3 is in the bag, I am trying to get back to news that is more specific to MMOs, though there are a couple of interesting non-MMO news. I also wanted to mention the fact that Steam’s impending console has already sold [… Click to Continue …]