Oct 022015
The MMO Times: Prepare for Kylo Ren

Issue 133: Welcome to the start of the fourth quarter of the year. Just think, in 3 months time it will be 2016 (and we will all be regaling about The Force Awakens and how awesome Kylo Ren is). First, before we are fully immersed in the extraordinary Star Wars universe, we must first have BlizzCon. Unfortunately that also is still a few weeks away, but the road to BlizzCon has begun. Don’t forget to get your tickets and pick up your goodie bag! The road to BlizzCon, however, is not yet paved with headlines. In fact this posting is later than normal as there wasn’t a [… Click to Continue …]

Sep 092015
The MMO Times: BB-8 Is Awesome!

Issue 130: Greetings Gamers! BB-8, the new endearing droid from The Force Awakens trailer, captured the Internet’s heart this week as an app-controlled toy was unveiled. It’s a bit pricey ($150) but its so damn cool that it might be worth it. Hopefully there will still be some available around Christmas (*hint-hint*). Be that as it may, let’s get back to talking about games/gaming. We just had a 3-day weekend which means an extra day to game. What did you play for your extra day of indulgence? The Labor Day weekend made for a pretty meager list of noteworthy headlines. Some upsetting news for those interested [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 122015
The MMO Times: The Calm After the Legion

Issue 126: Holy Cow, that was a crazy Gamescom! I think Blizzard definitely stole the show but everyone knew it was going to happen, which is why I think so many other companies had a lot of their own products to talk about. The increase in interest gave them the perfect arena to market their games too. There will be some residual posts below from the final couple of days of Gamescom, but for the most part I tried to keep it to news more immediately published. I will try to limit the Legion talk as I’m sure there will be plenty of it in the [… Click to Continue …]

May 292015
The MMO Times: Everything Is Awesome!

Issue 116: Greetings Gamers! I bet you all were starting to think that I had fallen off the wagon again and forgot to post another MMO Times. Actually the delay is primarily because there wasn’t much to talk about and, again, I didn’t want to post “Little Tommy’s Fanboi Blog Site” as legitimate and interesting MMO news. In this issue we have some more Patch 6.2 details for Warlords of Draenor, an awesome animated clip for the LEGO fans, some Secret World news and more. So while you are waiting for Taco Tuesday and searching for the KRAGLE, perhaps these articles will help pass the [… Click to Continue …]

May 192015
The MMO Times ... Returns!

Issue 115: The MMO Times is coming back. The gaming news just seemed to come to an abrupt halt where there just wasn’t anything interesting to share. I didn’t want to try to dig up menial stories that have little to no credibility just to keep providing a new post/email. I’m not interested in filling up your inboxes with junk. Of course then various real life events quickly exacerbated that hiatus; but hopefully we are back in full swing for a while. It has been about 6 weeks as the last MMO Times post was back when we lost our beloved Mr. Spock. Rest In [… Click to Continue …]

Jul 152014
The MMO Times: The Daystar Burns Us!

Issue 102 – Greetings and Salutations, Friends!! Ah, the sweltering days of summer are upon us and what is there better to do on a hot day then sit in the air conditioning and game. Of course you could go to the pool to ogle the bods … err, I mean get some refreshing exercise – but you can’t slay Orcs while wading in the deep end! While keeping cool in this infernal days of summer, check out what’s going on in your favorite MMO titles. Sony is teasing us again with some new trademarks, and speaking of trademarks, we finally know what “The Dark Below” is. Blizzard [… Click to Continue …]