Oct 132017
Celebrating a Decennium of Matrimony

Ferries Bueller is right, life moves pretty fast. It’s hard to believe that this is my 10 year wedding anniversary. It has been a decade since entering into the sacrament of marriage. I think what really makes those 10 years go so fast is that I believe we have a good marriage and a healthy relationship. A relationship that started at Purdue; thus why we were married on campus with all of our Purdue friends in attendance. After all, they are the reason we were brought together. We shared the alter with 14 other people; we had a large wedding party. Those people were important [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 162014
TBT: My Favorite Date

October 13, 2007 will forever be the favorite day of my life, followed very closely by April 14, 2014 (after all the latter couldn’t have happened without the former). Since Octoboer 13th was just this past Monday, this seemed the appropriate TBT post. I’ll admit it was a day I never thought would happen to me; not many of us with that “computer geek” label are credited with having much luck in the romance department; but for what its worth, we do have amazing “grep” patience 🙂 So, most of my friends and family I’m sure remember this day. We were married in the city [… Click to Continue …]

Mar 162010
Back from Vegas

I have returned from my trip to Vegas; it was my first time in Vegas but I wasn’t there to gamble, I was there for a friends wedding. I can sum up my impression of Vegas in one word: expensive. We spent a whole $1 gambling but money spent on food also makes things quite expensive in Vegas. I believe that is why people gamble in Vegas, to attempt to replenish the money they spent to eat. At any rate, like I said, I wasn’t there to gamble, I was there to attend a wedding. This may sound odd but I had never met these [… Click to Continue …]