Mar 222016
The MMO Times: The Madness of March

Issue 142: So March Madness is here which means “gaming” takes on a different form, for most. Personally, I don’t partake, I’m not a basketball fan, but madness is clearly the appropriate adjective. People are completing brackets who know nothing, at all, about sports. I just sit idly by waiting for baseball season to start (the official indicator that spring is here) and play games where I have some modicum of control. I know this post has some headlines that are a week old but this post was kind of set aside for other life-related tasks. Because Real Life Happens (RLH). More Blizzard headlines in this [… Click to Continue …]

Mar 092016
Is Virtual Reality the Next Evolution in Gaming?

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year there was a rather predominate theme among some of the tech companies: Virtual Reality (VR). Microsoft’s Hololens, HTC’s Vive, the Oculus Rift are currently the big three in Virtual Reality. Gaming companies like Valve, are starting to experiment using VR in some of their titles (i.e. The Lab). Activision, Id, etc have their R&D departments burning the midnight oil to find the next big breakthrough in gaming. So that begs the question: is Virtual Reality the next evolution in gaming? I’ve had the unique opportunity to try out VR goggles, specifically the Oculus Rift and it’s not for these that are [… Click to Continue …]