May 212015
TV Is Marvel-ous!

First it was Vampires – post-Buffy vampires. Television networks and production studios became obsessed with vampires (thanks to Stephenie Meyer). Vampires are cool, except for the kind that sparkle *shudder*. Then “The Walking Dead”, “World War Z”, “Day Z”, etc; i.e. zombies! Zombies are much more interesting than vampires (except for iZombie, that show didn’t make sense, from a zombie canon perspective). During the obsession with the undead Marvel was producing comic-movie-after-comic-movie, culminating in the first Avengers movie and Captain America: The First Avenger. Then the dam burst and the flood waters of Marvel super heroes started spilling forth not only more movies, but TV series [… Click to Continue …]

Sep 292010

Issue 11 Welcome fellow gamers to the next issue of MMO Times where I bring you the latest, more significant headlines from popular gaming blog streams. There wasn’t a lot that was new to report so its short this week. Enjoy. More On SWTOR Smuggler Advanced Classes Bioware launched a series of new screenshots and details about the smuggler class on the SWTOR website. There is a breakdown for both advanced classes, gunslinger and scoundrel. The other pretty cool feature of the smuggler is every that smuggler gets a Wookie companion, after all, where would Han be with Chewie. I think Bioware is doing a [… Click to Continue …]