May 212015
TV Is Marvel-ous!

First it was Vampires – post-Buffy vampires. Television networks and production studios became obsessed with vampires (thanks to Stephenie Meyer). Vampires are cool, except for the kind that sparkle *shudder*. Then “The Walking Dead”, “World War Z”, “Day Z”, etc; i.e. zombies! Zombies are much more interesting than vampires (except for iZombie, that show didn’t make sense, from a zombie canon perspective). During the obsession with the undead Marvel was producing comic-movie-after-comic-movie, culminating in the first Avengers movie and Captain America: The First Avenger. Then the dam burst and the flood waters of Marvel super heroes started spilling forth not only more movies, but TV series [… Click to Continue …]

May 112015
Orphan Black, A Must Watch

I don’t tout television shows too much because everyone likes different things and I don’t always expect everyone to like the same shows I do. A friend of mine suggested I check out Orphan Black, which I’ve seen advertisements for, but never tried to watch it. I’m only about 9 episodes into the first season and its actually pretty good. The show is filmed entirely in Canada (so far) and a majority of the stars are Canadian-born, most of them are no-names. I’m not going to go into detail about the show, you can read that for yourself. I do enjoy the premise. It’s a [… Click to Continue …]

May 292013
Biggs On: Sherlock, Sherlock & Sherlock

Though I have never read the books (a fault I intend on rectifying in the very near future), I’m still a fan of the Sherlock Holmes stories and lore. Now that the vampire fad has finally faded, the new media mania seems to be focused on more cerebral entertainment (and about bloody time, too!) There are currently three incarnations of Sherlock Holmes appearing in living rooms which, of course, raises the debate between the purists and the enthusiasts as to which Holmes is better. I’d definitely fall into the latter. Those that are in the dark, the three incarnations are the BBC mini-series called Sherlock [… Click to Continue …]