Mar 042014
The MMO Times: Winter Lion

Issue 96: Well, it looks like March came in like a lion; a cold, frigid ice-covered lion. I know most of us are probably in agreement (if you live in the mid-west or NE United States) that its time for winter to be over! I think we have all had enough of these single digit and sub-zero temperatures, ice falling from the sky, and the merciless snow. The only thing that has been redeeming about this ridiculous weather is that it has kept us all inside, playing our games. While it looks like we are finally on the brink of Spring, there is still some [… Click to Continue …]

Apr 162013
The MMO Times: Launch Day!

Issue 71: Last week was launch week for a couple of titles (or expansions) that I have been talking about often. I’m sure you are aware by now that these titles are Age of Wushu and SWTOR’s first expansion. Read on to see additional details about their respective launches. I haven’t picked up the SWTOR expansion yet. I want to but I’m still trying to justify the cost since so few of my friends are still playing it I lack the motivation. If you are playing the SWTOR expansion, I’d like to hear from you. I’ve already received some great feedback from the folks on [… Click to Continue …]

Mar 292013
The MMO Times: OMG! Change Your Profile Image!

Issue 69: PAX East is over and thus the news slows down. I mean all the great new information was already unveiled last weekend so there isn’t much to talk about that will usurp all the residual buzz. I tried to put together a few articles for your Easter weekend. The first SWTOR expansion has an official release date (and don’t forget that this weekend is another double XP weekend), a new Turbine title related to the DC Universe, Runescape 3 and Neverwinter news and more! Check it out!