Feb 212018
Book Review: Thrawn

Thrawn by Timothy Zahn My rating: (Click here to see this review on Goodreads) It has been a long since I have read a book written by Timothy Zahn; far too long in fact. The last books I read would have been the first time Grand Admiral Thrawn was introduced to the Star Wars Universe. Sadly those books are now considered “legends”, as they are part of the defunct post-Jedi canon. So it is quite the understatement to say I was excited to see a new Thrawn book by Timothy Zahn. What makes this book even more exciting is that it’s an origin story that [… Click to Continue …]

Sep 032015
Star Wars Expanded Universe Rebooted?

I must have missed the part where Disney said the Expanded¬†Universe is now obsolete and they are starting over with a clean slate. I didn’t realize this until yesterday when it was announced that the first post-ROTJ book of the “new expanded universe” will be released September 4th (titled¬†Star Wars: Aftermath). So that means in this “new timeline” there will be no Grand Admiral Thrawn (big bummer!), no “New Jedi Order” (at least not in the same sense), no moon’s killing lovable sidekicks. It’s all going to be … just. Like. Star Trek. I have mixed feelings, to be honest. The three books Timothy Zahn [… Click to Continue …]