May 122016
The MMO Times: Let's Talk A Little Console Today

Issue 144: The open beta of Overwatch has captured the attention of hundreds of gamers and thus has been making the usual headlines around the various gaming news media outlets. The superfluity of the news about Overwatch, however, is a pleasant change from the excessive political garbage on television and Facebook. I think that’s why I read more gaming news than actual news; for the most part, its politically agnostic. The Overwatch open beta has wrapped up, which is unfortunate if you haven’t pre-ordered the game. I hope you got a chance to play it and if so, I’d like to hear your thoughts. I will express mine [… Click to Continue …]

Nov 132015
The MMO Times: Wil Wheaton. Best. Host. Ever.

Issue 137: Now that BlizzCon is over we can all start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas; after all we need something to keep us distracted while we wait for all the new goodies to be launched (or while we wait for our beta invites). I’ve decided to stop using Star Wars pictures for featured images and the header (unless the content of the post warrants it). Clearly I’ve made my excitement known, and honestly, while my excitement for The Force Awakens hasn’t waned in the slightest, after BlizzCon my gamer geek is equally as excited. Beyond what was announced at BlizzCon, what else could be going on out [… Click to Continue …]

Sep 092015
The MMO Times: BB-8 Is Awesome!

Issue 130: Greetings Gamers! BB-8, the new endearing droid from The Force Awakens trailer, captured the Internet’s heart this week as an app-controlled toy was unveiled. It’s a bit pricey ($150) but its so damn cool that it might be worth it. Hopefully there will still be some available around Christmas (*hint-hint*). Be that as it may, let’s get back to talking about games/gaming. We just had a 3-day weekend which means an extra day to game. What did you play for your extra day of indulgence? The Labor Day weekend made for a pretty meager list of noteworthy headlines. Some upsetting news for those interested [… Click to Continue …]

Jun 112015
The MMO Times: RIP Sir Christopher Lee

Issue 118: The man we all thought was really immortal, Christopher Lee, passed away on June 7th (his wife wanted to delay the public announcement so his family could be made aware privately). Everyone mostly remembers him for his role in Lord of the Rings and, of course, Star Wars. He also played a pretty frightening Dracula (opposite fellow Star Wars legend, Peter Cushing). He lived a very full and epic life and passed away at 93. RIP my good man. We are a week away from E3 and I wonder what will happen that will make it exciting since everyone keeps making major announcements before the opening [… Click to Continue …]