Oct 272016
TBT: A Boilermaker Homecoming Anniversary

It has been a really long time since I have written a “Throwback Thursday” post. I’m upset that I didn’t think about writing this post sooner as Homecoming was nearly two weeks ago. Therefore, this TBT post serves a dual purpose; not only was it a Boilermaker Homecoming, it was also our anniversary celebration. We were going back to see our friends, to visit our Alma Mater and to celebrate where we were married. It All Began With An English Muffin One of my favorite parts about going back for a Purdue football game is seeing our friends. To paraphrase what a friend once said [… Click to Continue …]

Nov 202013
Purdue Tailgate Season 2013

Sadly the Purdue tailgate season has ended (ended sooner for me as I cannot attend the last home game). Granted Purdue’s football team was terrible this year; and when I say terrible I mean awful! I don’t think I have the vocabulary to express in text just how awful they were this year. Be that as it may, I really enjoyed tailgating with my old tailgating crew and college friends! A friend and I started the tailgate for our group of friends nine years ago when we encroached in among several other veteran tailgaters and alum. We quickly made friends with all those around us [… Click to Continue …]