Nov 202020
The Mandalorian: Chapter 12

Title: The Siege Director: Carl Weathers This is the episode when Carl Weathers (aka Greef Karga) got to make his directorial debut for The Mandalorian. Directing is not new to Carl Weathers, in the past he has directed episodes for other series including Hawaii Five-0 and Silk Stalkings. You will probably also glean from this that the episode will feature Greef Karga. When we last saw Mando he was leaving Trask in a barely assembled Razor Crest. He is bound for a planet called Corvus but his ship needs a bit more maintenance. Spoilers ahead!

Nov 132020
The Mandalorian: Chapter 11

Title: The Heiress Director: Bryce Dallas Howard The poor, dilapidated Razor Crest limps its way to Trask to fulfill the deal for the Frog Lady. I kind of feel bad for the Razor Crest. She’s clearly a sturdy ship but struggles to remain in one piece. Din Djarin continues his search after arriving on Trask, which takes him on the high seas where he unexpectedly encounters some allies. This is the episode where I hope you’ve seen The Clone Wars and Rebels. If you haven’t, it’s not a big deal, you just might be a little lost and you will miss some of the references [… Click to Continue …]

Nov 072020
The Mandalorian: Chapter 10

Title: The Passenger Director: Payton Reed I am going to try out writing a follow-up post for each episode. Since there is a week between each one I have plenty of time. I will always indicate when there are incoming spoilers in the event that you are reading this before you see the latest episode. The director, Payton Reed, is also known for directing the Ant-Man movies. He is a newcomer to the cadre of Mandalorian directors and I think he did a great job. In Chapter 10, Mando agrees to transport someone in exchange for information about the location of a Mandalorian covert. Of [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 302020
The Mandalorian - Chapter 9: The Marshal

At first I wasn’t going to write about this. Then I began waffling about it. Now I can’t seem to help myself because “OMG It was so good!”. Will I do this for the remaining 7 episodes? I don’t know. It depends on how inspired I am. Leave a comment if you would like to chime in. Regardless, I can’t help it, I need to talk about Chapter 9: The Marshal. If you have not seen the new episode, I advise you to stop right now. spoiler alert!!! The following content contains spoilers for The Mandalorian S2 E1. There are a couple of guest stars [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 292020
Some Thoughts on Star Wars Rebels

I haven’t written a Star Wars post in a while (other than a HMDYK post). I have one or two in draft but they are not fully thought out enough. Lately I’ve been watching Star Wars Rebels because I’ve heard so many good things about it. The final episode aired in 2018, so after 2 years, I’ve finally finished watching it. In all fairness, I haven’t had cable in five years so I didn’t have Disney XD which is the only place you could watch it (at the time, legally anyway). Thank you Disney+! Be that as it may, I really focused on finishing Star [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 152020
HMDYK About Keira Knightley

Until Rey came along women were really under represented in Star Wars. Be that as it may, the female characters it does have are strong, fierce and amazing characters. I could have picked one of those women like Leia, Amidala or Jyn Erso but I like focusing on the underdogs. The actors in much smaller roles that deserve some attention. Which is why we are going to look at an underrated female character. How much do you know about Keira Knightley? So not only is she the first female but, at 35, she’s also the youngest actor I’ve written about. While she has a minor [… Click to Continue …]