Dec 152016
TBT: One Year Ago, The Force Awakened

It was actually December 18th, 2015 when The Force Awakened but it’s Throwback Thursday and the 18th is Sunday. As I sit on the cusp of the premiere of another Star Wars movie I love thinking about the success of The Force Awakens. I’m really happy how well it was received not only by Star Wars fans, but the majority of movie goers. Here are a few *numbers I found:  It earned $935 million domestic, thus making it the biggest-grossing movie of all time in America  It was the first movie to earn $750m on an initial release and the first to earn $800m, $850m, and $900m. [… Click to Continue …]

Apr 052016
Rey May Be The Most Powerful Jedi Yet

While this movie is the highest grossing movie of all time (domestically), is among the top ranked on Rotten Tomatoes, is considered the third best Star Wars movie, there are still a few folks that like to poke holes in the plot. While I don’t disagree with some of them, there is one I want to talk about specifically. Some folks found it hard to believe that Rey just suddenly knew how to use her powers. I’m going to offer my thoughts on why I think her ability to use her powers is conceivable and how she may be the most powerful Jedi yet. First off, she [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 042016
Star Wars: My Inner Child Awakens

I have been working on this post (whether its written or in my head) since I saw The Force Awakens December 24th. The thing I struggled with the most was giving this post a proper title that not only reflected how I felt about the film but also what this post is going to be about (other than simply my nerdy review). I settled on “My Inner Child Awakens” because not only is it a play on the film’s title but it’s how I felt watching the movie. If you have talked to me in person or followed any of my Twitter or Facebook posts then you [… Click to Continue …]

Dec 142015
Star Wars: Let's Keep the Expectations Realistic

This should be declared “Star Wars Week”. If someone hasn’t done that already, then I’m declaring it despite the fact that I do not have the clout nor the viral influence to make it official. So, with that said, lets get on with it. The obvious reason I would make such a declaration is the release of the seventh installment of the most beloved Star Wars franchise. I am beyond excited for the movie’s launch and I don’t even have a ticket to see it yet. I’m just excited for the continuation of the story and the characters that I have loved since I was [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 212015
Theories From A Fanboy

It’s to be expected that a new trailer will produce more questions and even more theories. Some of them are fairly conceivable, others are wild, baseless speculation. I’m going to explain my theory as to the plot (and subplots) of the next movie based on evidence shown in the newest trailer. (If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, then you’re a nub and you should go watch it now – I’ll wait.) All right, now let’s proceed. The Plot The Empire is shattered. The Sith and Jedi have vanished and are now mere legends. Granted its only 30 years after the second Death Star was [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 202015
Official Full Trailer

I’m going to put this here because I would be remiss if I didn’t. Besides, I don’t want to keep going to YouTube and searching for it, I just want to go straight to it when I want to watch it for the Nth time! I could get so much more accomplished if I only had minions!