Jul 252017
Notable SDCC Movie Trailers

The biggest Comic-Con of the year was held last week; the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). It’s the Comic-Con of Comic-Cons; the one everyone looks forward to and one I hope to attend some day in the future. Aside from all the amazing Cosplay revelry, trailers for highly anticipated movies are also what everyone expects to see at SDCC. This year there are a couple of trailers that really had most of us giggling like school girls. Continue on to see this years best SDCC movie trailers. I provided a few remarks after each video but I am interested in your thoughts as well. Ready [… Click to Continue …]

Jul 162015
The MMO Times: Iwata's Final 1Up

Issue 122: Does the name Satoru Iwata mean anything to you? It’s alright if you didn’t know who he was, but if you are a gamer I think you should silently bestow some reverence. He was the CEO of Nintendo and a game developer pioneer who recently passed away. I know Nintendo had very little to do with MMO games but a gamer is always a gamer no matter what platform they prefer. I have a link to a great article about his life that you should check out in this issue. Sadness aside, the SDCC definitely provided us all with many funny feelings in our [… Click to Continue …]

Jul 102015
The MMO Times: Time for Comic-Con!

Issue 121: The biggest Comic-Con of the year, SDCC, was at the Anaheim Convention Center July 9th-12th! I tell you, some day I have to go to this event just to say I was there. If I raise my kid(s) right way they will also want to go so perhaps they will be my way to get out there! Personally I’m not into cosplay, however if they wanted to dress up then I would certainly oblige. Speaking of cosplay, did you see the endearing story about the guy that walked 650 miles to Comic-Con dressed as a Stormtrooper in memory of his wife that had recently [… Click to Continue …]

Jul 252013
The MMO Times: I Can Haz Tauntaun??!

Issue 84: Yes, I want a Tauntaun! Gives me tauntaun, now! I mean, what better way to travel around any planet. Yea, I know they smell bad, but think of the versatility. You don’t have to pay for gas, they’ll probably just eat whatever they can find laying around, and if you find yourself freezing to death in the tundra, just cut them open and you’ve got yourself a nice, warm carcass! Tauntaun disembowelment aside, we have a few headlines to read up on, including the inspiration for the title of this issue (and the rather grotesque introduction). We are between conferences right now as [… Click to Continue …]

Jul 182013
The MMO Times: In Reverse Order

Issue 83: Greetings Gregarious Gamers!!! I’ve decided that the headlines are going to be listed from earliest to most recent. I’ve noticed in past issues that often times I’ve found a headline that is a follow up of a previous headline and it didn’t make sense chronologically to show the latter one before the former. Hopefully this makes the news flow a little more logically. SDCC also started this week, did anyone go? There are a some headlines I included with some non-traditional news. Some of the manufacturers are expanding beyond their normal scope or introducing new concepts that we may not have expected. I’m [… Click to Continue …]

Jun 062013
The MMO Times: Heroes Assemble!

Issue 77:Instead of finding a headline about Marvel Heroes, I thought I would remind everyone here, Marvel Heroes went live this week (in case you didn’t know)! I haven’t tried it out yet but I haven’t heard anything bad about it, usually if something is bad the first thing gamers do is whine about it online. In fact I’ve heard that if you enjoy League of Legends that you will really enjoy Marvel Heroes! If anyone out there has an opinion about the game so far, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. You will notice that June 4th was quite a newsworthy day; it [… Click to Continue …]