Dec 072016
Book Review: Star Wars Aftermath

Aftermath by Chuck Wendig My rating: I have been trying to get back into Star Wars books for a while now; I just kept finding other great books to read (*cough* Kubrick’s Game *cough*). Star Wars Aftermath is the first post-Return of the Jedi book that takes place within the new canon, therefore it’s pretty high on my list. I know some Star Wars fans are probably surprised that I would prioritize this book so high. Disney stepped on quite a few toes when they declared all other canon defunct (post-ROTJ). This is something I discuss in a separate post. Be that as it may, [… Click to Continue …]

Apr 052012
What's Your First Contact?

I want to start off by saying Happy First Contact Day gamers, trekkies and sci-fi geeks! The second thing I want to say is that this post is not asking when you had a close encounter (sorry Fran Drescher). Instead, since this blog is predominately a gamer blog, I thought I would ask what your first gaming experience was. You can choose any platform (i.e. console, PC, MMO, etc). I just thought it would be fun to do something to commemorate this truly nerdy day. Obviously I will start. The original Nintendo was my debut into gaming. Super Mario Brothers, FTW! I also played a lot of [… Click to Continue …]