Dec 282016
Movie Review - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Directed by: Gareth Edwards Starring: Felicity Jones, Alan Tudyk My Rating:  A second Star Wars movie in a year is a dream come true for Star Wars nerds the world over. I saw this movie in a Dolby Cinema off of Times Square in New York City. It’s one of 10 Dolby Cinema theaters in the country and this should be the only way to watch a Star Wars movie. Rogue One takes a different approach to telling a story in the Star Wars universe. It’s a movie that isn’t part of the main story but it does make a [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 132016
Star Wars: Final Rogue One Trailer Looks Exciting!

Here it is folks! The final Rogue One trailer before its December release! I reiterate, this movie is definitely a movie for the fans. I do not expect it to produce the same box office cash as The Force Awakens. After watching only four seconds into the trailer and I was amorous! Michael Giacchino is the composer for Rogue One while John Williams continues to focus on the main story line. However, I think the score is going to be just as good as a Williams score. Jyn is going to be a fantastic new Star Wars hero and Donnie Yen looks to be as much [… Click to Continue …]

Apr 072016
ICYMI: Rogue One Teaser Trailer

As promised, on Good Morning America the teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story premiered. You can watch the trailer below. Personally I think these anthology movies are really just for the fans. I’m not expecting the regular movie goers or critics to rave about this movie as much as they did for The Force Awakens. I think it looks pretty decent and I’ll probably see it in the theater. I am excited for a full length trailer. My understanding, as to where in the timeline this movie falls, it takes place just before A New Hope. It’s the story of how the Rebel [… Click to Continue …]