Jan 062019
2018 Reading Challenge - Fail!

The 2018 Reading Challenge was 12 books. Since I barely missed 15 books from 2017, I actually started the year at 15 again thinking I could easily complete it. Half way through the year I was nearly 4 books behind so I reduced it down to 12 books. I wish there is some brilliant excuse I could use to explain why I only read 9 books. I hit a huge lull late in the summer, which is right around the time I got a new First Reads book from Goodreads. Little did I know that book is over 600 pages. When it’s past June I [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 042018
My 2017 Reading Challenge - "Almost There"

My 2017 Reading Challenge was, again, 15 books within a calendar year. While Goodreads says I finished all my books, I actually only completed 14. I thought I had completed all 15 books because that is what Goodreads told me. It turns out that a book I started but did not finish still counted as having read it. Granted it was a book I was reading again so perhaps that is why Goodreads counted it. So, without further ado here is … My 2017 Reading Challenge Book List If I wrote a review for one of the books I read, you can click on the [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 062017
Biggs Declares 2017 Intentions (Not Resolutions)

I never make New Years Resolutions, I believe I’ve covered that before. As odd as it sounds, I have more motivation to complete a set of goals (instead of the proverbial “resolution”). So what are my 2017 intentions? I know this year will be a year of change but I’m not at liberty to say, yet, what will be changing. You will know when it happens because it will warrant a blog post (or two). I do not want to write another long-winded post so, for brevity sake, I’m going to get started. Biggs Labs – Smart Home I have all the components I need now [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 042017
2016 Reading Challenge - More Cowbell!

As a member of Goodreads I participate in their annual reading challenge, therefore I did not discuss books in my “Year in Review” post. Considering it was already quite lengthy I decided the books I read warrants a separate post. My initial goal for the 2016 Reading Challenge was a lofty 25 books, however around June or July I realized there was no way I was going to succeed. I reduced my challenge to 15 books but I ended the year having only read 12. I am not a fast reader, nor am I a slow reader by any means. My “literary ineptitude”, as it were, [… Click to Continue …]

Feb 192016
Still Enjoy The Smell Of A Book

As technology evolves, new gadgets come out that change the way we evolve and as a geek I love to embrace that new technology. Also, as a geek, I love to read and I’ve been reading physical books long before there were e-readers. I do own an e-reader and I do use it but I still enjoy the smell of a book. There is also something elegant and nostalgic about the tactile properties of holding a book and turning the pages. Often times I am in the middle of two books at the same time. One on an e-reader and one in print and I have [… Click to Continue …]

Nov 082012
Biggs On: Goodreads

If you are friends with me on Facebook you may have seen the occasional status post regarding progress I have made in books I am reading courtesy of Goodreads. If you haven’t checked out Goodreads yet, I highly recommend it if you are an avid reader such as myself. It is a website that is free to sign up and you can manage what books you have read, currently reading and would like to read. The function of Goodreads doesn’t end at just managing your bookshelf. It can integrate with Facebook, GMail, twitter, Yahoo and Hotmail to try to link up with your friends. You never know [… Click to Continue …]