Feb 202017
Stuck with Proverbial Writer's Block, Again!

The recent pace at which I have been publishing new blog posts is appallingly slower. Ideas and “other cortical experiences” are evading my consciousness. I am stuck with the proverbial writer’s block! I will admit that certain events, IRL, have been taking more of my attention. When you are trying to sustain a family, those events take immediate priority. I will not talk about politics so anything that is considered a “political hot topic” or “current event” will never be a subject I will write about. My views do not necessarily align with others. I prefer my readers find this site a sanctuary from political pontificating and [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 262015
For the Love of Writing

I don’t know how to describe what it is about writing that I enjoy – I can’t seem to find the words (hah!). There is something elusive and cathartic about putting “pen to paper” (err.. “text to screen”?) I’ve sometimes wondered if there is a career out there that would allow me to just write, besides writing a book. I don’t have the imagination to write a book. I doubt I can be creative enough to keep a reader’s attention for 300+ pages (although I seemed to have a knack for creative writing back in Honors English in high school). If I had the literary [… Click to Continue …]

Jul 272015
Geeks and Our Eclectic Hobbies

How many geeks do you know and what hobbies do you assume they have? If you are a geek, you’re not allowed to answer that question. I’m sure when one thinks of the geeks they know they probably assume computers, video games and/or books are their hobbies. You’re probably right, those are likely among their hobbies but most of us are probably ADD or ADHD and often have far more eclectic tastes outside our [presumed] nerdy sphere. You might actually be surprised to learn that we do have hobbies outside the typical nerdy genres and a lot of them might actually be outdoors (despite our fears [… Click to Continue …]

May 212015
TV Is Marvel-ous!

First it was Vampires – post-Buffy vampires. Television networks and production studios became obsessed with vampires (thanks to Stephenie Meyer). Vampires are cool, except for the kind that sparkle *shudder*. Then “The Walking Dead”, “World War Z”, “Day Z”, etc; i.e. zombies! Zombies are much more interesting than vampires (except for iZombie, that show didn’t make sense, from a zombie canon perspective). During the obsession with the undead Marvel was producing comic-movie-after-comic-movie, culminating in the first Avengers movie and Captain America: The First Avenger. Then the dam burst and the flood waters of Marvel super heroes started spilling forth not only more movies, but TV series [… Click to Continue …]

Apr 092014
Tired of Waiting

If you have been following along at home then you know that we are expecting. She (it’s a girl) was due April 3rd and here it is April 9th and she still doesn’t seem like she’s ready to come out. We are starting to look at the possibility to induce labor. Of course when you are expecting a baby the cliches and colloquialisms come pouring out (better get use to not sleeping. check. better get use to not having any free time. already have too much, check. etc). The part that nobody tells you about is how frustrating it is to have to wait. I’m [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 162013
Biggs On: Taking A Lunch

The average work day is 8-to-5 where normally people (usually on salary) will take an hour for lunch. I never take an hour for lunch. In fact, I rarely even take a lunch at all. Personally, I can finish eating in about 10-15 minutes (normally because 98% of the time I bring my lunch). If I take an actual lunch then I am sitting around doing nothing for 15-45 minutes. I find that not only excruciatingly boring but extremely unproductive (unless I have good company). In fact, on days where I am in complete problem-solving-mode, my brain doesn’t stop coding or analyzing even when I [… Click to Continue …]