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Fictional Character Affection

Fictional Character Affection

I’m a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory. There is so much I could relate to with a few of those characters (mostly Leonard). Recently we’ve been watching Young Sheldon (essentially a TBBT prequel). If you are familiar with any of Chuck Lorre‘s sitcoms, he often adds “vanity cards” at the end of the credits of each episode. There is one particular vanity card about fictional character affection that hit home.

Chuck Lorre has been appending these vanity cards to the ends of his shows for nearly 25 years. The content of these cards can range from venting frustration to random images or just a simple brain dump. Politically, I may not always agree, but they are often very humorous.

“It’s A Strange and Wonderful Thing”

The final episode of Season Two of Young Sheldon there is a particularly interesting vanity card. This also exactly coincides with the final episode of The Big Bang Theory series. Chuck Lorre quips that “it’s a strange and wonderful thing to feel affection for a fictional character”. In this particular case he’s referring to Sheldon Cooper. He also lists off several other fictional characters for whom, I assume, he also felt this strange connection.

Luke Skywalker

I’d like to list mine. I felt the same way when Fraiser, Friends, Castle, Scrubs and The Big Bang Theory ended. I, equally, loved Sheldon, Fraiser Crane, Chandler, J.D. and Richard Castle (to name a few). I hated to see these shows end. In an article I found on Refinery29, a media psychologist, Dr. Karen-Dill-Shackleford, said that we “get really attached to them because they bring you joy or cheer you up after a rough day.” This is absolutely true about Star Wars, at least for me. It doesn’t matter if its the sequels, prequels or the original trilogy. After 9 (or 11) movies, you feel a connection.

It Happens In Books Too!

These fictional character affections extends beyond just television series and/or movies. I have often felt a similar parasocial relationship with characters in books. Eragon from The Inheritance Series comes immediately to mind. I’ve felt similar connections to Harry Dresden, Ender Wiggin, Shawn Hagan, and Wade Watts (to name a few more).

We spend years and/or hundreds of pages living their lives, albeit fictional. If the author or screenwriter is any good, we begin to develop an emotional connection. It’s normal for all of us to feel this way, as long as that passion remains healthy. We live vicariously through their triumphs and their defeats. These connections explain why we are so devastated if the character dies or when the actor passes away.

Who are some of the character’s that have made you feel this way?


RTotD: Was There A Cicada Rapture??

If you live in Ohio (or other parts of the eastern United States) then you’ve been enduring the Brood X infestation since mid-May. We are on the other side of these promiscuous pests. Over the past 2 months we’ve been hearing them from dawn to dusk. They were literally deafening. Trying to talk to your neighbors was like trying to communicate in the middle of a college football game in student section. Simply walking to the mail box is long enough for a couple to stowaway on your back. I almost swallowed one while out jogging and one literally caused a car accident. (By the way, that car accident was less then 5 miles from my house)

The news reports say that the cicadas will be gone by July 1st. In my area they have already vanished. In fact its a bit odd how quickly they vanished. Sure, I see the occasional one flying around, but I don’t hear them anymore. One morning it was so loud and the next morning it was complete silence.

It’s not just the sounds but the dead cicadas are gone too. The sidewalks on my jogging route were covered in their carcasses, and even those are gone. It’s as if they never existed! The only evidence that remains are a few husks in the flower beds around the trees. Either the storm drains are full of dead cicadas or they were raptured.

How did you survive the cicada orgy infestation?


I could accomplish so much moreĀ if I only had minions!


RTotD: The Dwindling Supply of Physical Movies

Dwindling Supply of Physical MoviesWhen I was in college I had a ritual every Tuesday. After classes were done for the day I drove to Best Buy. Tuesday’s is when new releases hit the store shelves and they were always on sale the week their first week. Lately I’ve noticed a terrible trend. A dwindling supply of physical movies in stores.

I’ve noticed it at Best Buy, Meijer and Target. The movie section used to span several rows of motion picture delectation. I’ve also noticed a dwindling presence of Blu-ray players available for purchase. This is all very disconcerting! I don’t always feel like streaming a movie. In fact, I rarely feel like streaming a movie!

Streaming Services Ruin Everything!

I’m not opposed to streaming services; actually I really enjoy them. We have accounts on several of the main services available, but I mostly use them to stream television series. My problem is I prefer to watch movies using my 4K setup with my own Blu-ray, sound system and television. I don’t want to always rely on an Internet connection to stream a 4k movie. Also, I don’t trust the steaming companies. They like to add things (ex: “MACLUNKEY!!”) or remove things to suite their political agenda.

It’s also not easy to find the movie I want. A lot of these streaming services cycle movies and no single streaming service has ALL the movies. Basically, if you want more variety, you have to subscribe to multiple services, which gets expensive. I got rid of cable so I didn’t have to pay the high price for television. I’m not going to turn around and pay the same amount of money subscribing to 14 different streaming services so I can access any movie I want at any given time.

Amazon still sells physical movies, which is fine, I can order it online and it’s “usually” delivered in about 24 hours. However, sometimes I don’t like to wait. Like most people these days, I want instant gratification. I’m curious about what the future of “home video” will look like. VHS replaced betamax, DVD replaced VHS, Blu-ray replaced DVD. Are streaming services on course to replace Blu-ray and, in turn, any form of physical movie? I’m not sure I’m a fan of that.


The things that go through my mind when I’m alone with nothing but my thoughts for entertainment is dangerous. Some might even say eccentric. Consider this your warning about today’s Random Thought of the Day


Soapbox: So Many Bad Blog Writers!

First a few qualifying statements. I know I’m not a gifted blog writer however I just write for fun; nobody pays me. Also, this isn’t a blanket statement because there are plenty of good blog writers. Most of my observations have been various writers for Star Wars blogs, though I have seen the occasional tech writer or other cultural blog writer whose prose and research are abysmal. Bad grammar is a common offense, which is shocking. Learning basic grammar is not difficult and using it is even easier.

Grammar is so important and I cannot emphasize that enough. In a world where social media has such influential power, grammar even matters on your Facebook posts. Potential employers will research you and they will judge how lazy you are or even how intelligent you are simply based on your Facebook posts. If I were a hiring manager or if I am screening potential candidates, I will research your social media. I don’t expect people to have the grammar prowess of an Oxford English professor but I do expect people to know proper comma usage and punctuation.

By the way, I know many hiring managers and recruiters that do check social media, such as Facebook, to learn about potential applicants. If you’re not careful with social media, it can hurt your job candidacy and safety. The dangers of social media is a different topic for a different time.

Research Or Know Your Canon!

Honestly, based on most of my observations, it isn’t grammar that is the greatest offense. It’s research! This is most common in several of the Star Wars blogs I’ve seen. The inaccuracy of some of these blog writers is astounding. Sometimes I question whether the author is actually a fan or if they were just assigned a topic by their editor. Honestly I hope that’s what is happening. It would be more disconcerting if these authors really are “fans” because then I question their knowledge of Star Wars canon.

I admit that I don’t know everything there is in Star Wars canon, however I research what I don’t know before I make any assumptions or comments. These Star Wars authors are sacrificing accuracy for clicks, which is a shame because finding accurate details doesn’t require a lot of research. The other explanation is worse, however. Clickbait websites thrive on gullible and obtuse users to drive up their visitation. Websites like “We’ve Got This Covered” and “Collider” are some of the worst offenders. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING FROM THESE SITES! Also, be careful of other blogs you read that might use these sites as “references” or “sources”.

The most sickening thing I’ve seen are blog authors taking advantage of the fan divisiveness to attract readers. Instead of reporting accurate information, they tailor facts to prey on people’s emotions simply to manipulate them to read their awful articles. This isn’t a prevalent blog but I still won’t sacrifice quality just to attract more readers. I will never manipulate the facts and I will never try to disguise my opinion as fact. I’m concerned this is a microcosm of all journalism.

If you want loyal readers then use basic grammar, do the research and know your canon.


I Have Spoken!


RTotD: This Will Make You Vote Differently

Rest assured this is not a political post. I always say that I will not discuss politics on this blog and I stand by that. This post will, in no way, shape or form, allude to my political leanings or even discuss political hot topics. This topic stems from my recent Facebook post:

In all fairness, I can’t take credit for it. When I was out for a jog I saw a sign in my neighbor’s yard that said “This Sign Will Totally Make You Vote Differently“. I was laughing out loud for the rest of the block. The satirical context of the sign is funny because it perfectly expresses the futility of political signs. The same can be said for Facebook posts. I think it’s absolutely futile to post any kind of meme or article in hopes of convincing someone to vote (or think) differently.

Can you guess how many articles I’ve read that are from something shared on Facebook? Zero! Why? Because my mind is already made up. I hate to break it to you but chances are others have already made up their minds as well and nothing you share can change that. This goes beyond politics too. It can be anything really. Which Star Wars trilogy is better? Which Star Trek movie is better? What is the correct direction for the toilet paper roll?

It’s all moot and irrelevant because, at the end of the day, nothing changes. I know its probably cynical of me to think that but it’s like Dr. Greg House used to say:


The things that go through my mind when I’m alone with nothing but my thoughts for entertainment is dangerous. Some might even say eccentric. Consider this your warning about today’s Random Thought of the Day


RTotD: A Star Trek Interlude

We are in a Star Wars lull now. We are between movies and television series. Amid this well deserved break, what is a Star Wars geek to do? We do have the Clone Wars finale season coming up in February so watching the other seasons is an option. There is also Rebels and Resistance I could catch up on. However, much sooner than Season 7 of The Clone Wars is the new Star Trek series Picard premiering on January 23rd. It has almost perfect timing.

I know what you are probably thinking. It’s blasphemous that a Star Wars fanboy, such as myself, would condone Star Trek. The fact of the matter is, I enjoy Star Trek. A lot. I am, and always will be, a bigger Star Wars fan, but Trek still holds a special place in my heart. I did not watch a lot of the original series, but I did watch quite a bit of The Next Generation. Deep Space 9 will always be one of my favorites; I spent my formative Purdue years watching it.

I tried to watch Enterprise but I lost interest. I haven’t watched Discovery yet, but I’ll get to it eventually. However, a Picard series? Yes, I am very interested in a Picard series. I’m not going to play the “which Captain is better” game but Sir Patrick Stewart is such a wonderful actor. I’m very excited to see him reprise one of his most iconic roles.

In fact, a Star Trek movie marathon might be in order. Engage!


The things that go through my mind when I’m alone with nothing but my thoughts for entertainment is dangerous. Some might even say eccentric. Consider this your warning about today’s Random Thought of the Day


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