Nov 052015
Let My Home Be My Garrison

Will there be no love lost between players and their garrisons when Legion comes out, or will folks, like me, lament leaving their garrison back on Draenor? Actually, I take that back, I will not be leaving my garrison in the dust, to be forgotten like Sunsong Ranch. The garrison is a gold farm. If all you do is send your out followers just to sell whatever they bring back, and harvest your ore and herbs, only to vendor it, those small amounts will add up quickly. I kind of wonder if Blizzard expects people to do this since they gave us a separate hearthstone [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 122015
WoW: Garrisons [Revisited]

I am way behind the curve as I haven’t been able to start playing the expansion upon its release. In fact I’ve probably only been at it for a few weeks with only brief moments to play in the evenings. I have finally hit 100 (on my main toon) just prior to Christmas and so far, I have to say, I’m Addicted to My Garrison! I have already brought two other alts up just far enough to unlock their garrison just so I can check out the different profession buildings. I have been researching guides on how to acquire additional followers or unlock other special easter eggs to [… Click to Continue …]

Sep 162014
SWTOR: Stronghold Impressions

So I have been playing SWTOR with a sub for the past two months to experience the new Strongholds feature added to the game. There seems to be mixed opinions, some say its completely lackluster and a waste of credits (the currency used in SWTOR) others have become completely addicted to customizing their apartment/palace/homestead. As for me … I’m probably pretty close to the latter. I get it why some people dislike it but I wouldn’t say its completely lackluster. Also, its not like you receive any kind of bonus to your character’s stats if you buy a stronghold, its purely cosmetic (and for the [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 262014
The MMO Times: Huolon Is Mine!

Issue 106: Sorry for the boastful title, as I was finishing up this post, I happened to kill Huolon and the mount dropped. I was quite excited. Player housing seems to be the theme in this issue. I’m curious if any of you have checked out the strongholds in SWTOR. This issue does seem to contain more headlines about WoW again, I guess because there isn’t much else going on right now. After a summer of silence coming from Blizzard, since the announcement of the expansion release date, there seems to be more to talk about. As summer wanes and the kiddies return to school (which [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 072014
WoW: Thoughts On Garrisons

In my last MMO Times post I provided a link to an article that described the Garrisons feature of Warlords of Draenor to be “disappointing” (thus far). Assuming that Blizzard isn’t hindering folks from sharing their thoughts of the beta testing, and I’m currently in the beta, then I think its warranted for me to share my thoughts on Garrisons (as I have unlocked my garrison in the beta). Blizzard did promise us the proverbial, yet elusive pony again with Garrisons. Originally they told players that your garrison can be placed in any zone of your choosing, however, thus far in the beta, that is [… Click to Continue …]