Jan 112016
Common Sense and Caution Keeps Your Computer Clean

I see the advertisements all the time on Facebook and on television for apps and software to “speed up your PC”. I’m not going to mention specific companies or products because this is not a smear post. I know some of that software is probably legitimate and who am I to ruin someone’s livelihood. I’m going to explain how I rarely have speed issues or viruses and I don’t use any of those products nor do you have to be a computer expert; and you can do it without spending money on software. You shouldn’t need to buy those kinds of programs when a little common [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 232013
Soapbox: Dropping the Ballmer

I heard today that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced that he will retire sometime within the next 12 months. Finally some good news for Microsoft! Ballmer, in my opinion, has been less than stellar (and that’s me being kind). He hasn’t had a clue since the first time he came running and screaming out on the stage. He definitely knew how to wake a crowd up … and then put them all back to sleep. I think once he retires the only direction Microsoft can go is up. He doesn’t have too many accolades to be proud of since becoming CEO. Windows Phone – [… Click to Continue …]