Jun 292015
WoW: Fury of Hellfire Patch

So I finally got around to logging into the game after the 6.2 patch launched this past Tuesday to check out the new content. So far I think the docks and naval missions are pretty well done. The UI elements and quest mechanics are pretty smooth and intuitive (though I do hope Master Plan makes an update to include naval missions – I don’t like to drag and drop). So far my biggest regret is not raiding as much. I have yet to do all of Blackrock Foundry and having spent even just a little time in Tanaan Jungle, I’m starting to feel a little [… Click to Continue …]

May 192015
The MMO Times ... Returns!

Issue 115: The MMO Times is coming back. The gaming news just seemed to come to an abrupt halt where there just wasn’t anything interesting to share. I didn’t want to try to dig up menial stories that have little to no credibility just to keep providing a new post/email. I’m not interested in filling up your inboxes with junk. Of course then various real life events quickly exacerbated that hiatus; but hopefully we are back in full swing for a while. It has been about 6 weeks as the last MMO Times post was back when we lost our beloved Mr. Spock. Rest In [… Click to Continue …]